Monday, 29 August 2011

AV Gyaru magazines

So this post I am making, just for anyone out of interest. 

I help my boyfriend with his Japanese Porn Company 
(they sell Hentai Doujinshi, Male sex toys, Artbooks, Badges, and now AV magazines)
and this was the main reason I went back to Tokyo this summer. 

I know quite a few western Gals admire or just like looking at these
Kuro-gyaru AV girls (Including myself) and I wanted to show you 
some of the magazines they show up in! 

I bought these two just from regular Combini stores. 
(Newdays & Lawson)

Tokyo Gals Collection
Is a small-sized but absolutely packed magazine! It contains a lot of the 
KIRA☆KIRA actresses and has quite a bit of promotion for them too.
What I found completely awesome was that you get TWO DVDS! 
On which, some scenes were in full - so it's definitely worth the £4.20
I paid for it.
The photography is really clear, and the censoring isn't that bad. 
It's all in white, but it's "clean-cut". 
Kokoa here in that bloody nice bra! I want one XD
A cool Article/interview with guys, on Types of Sexy Gyaru! haha!
it reads (L-R): Ageha-kei, Gal mama, Shiro-gal, Kuro-gal, Gal-kei
...GYARU MAMA?! Watch out gyaru-mama's - They want to recruit you ;D 

I absolutely prefer this magazine. The layout and Gals featured are really cool
and they even have a halarious - Readers' Corner... that's right -
Every month, a couple can write in, and then you get to star in the magazine
doing dirty things with your lover. HAHA. it's brilliant. 

Kyaba Gyaru!
This magazine is a little bigger than T.G.C and a lot more expensive.
(£6.20) - I think mainly this is to do with the glossy pages and larger format.
However I didn't feel the content was as good. :( 
Cocona (Now, Serina) was featured on the front! yay, this is why I got it, lol.
Her face isn't that sexy here, haha, but I needed to make the picture SFW XD
Reo in her awesome D.I.A outfit! 
But as you can see in the top-left, the censoring looks like someone attacked the
pictures in MS Paint... the shapes are pretty amusing though. 
A normally-Kyaba-gyaru Actress gets picked for a
"Bukkake Festival" - oh, how lucky!
The most disappointing of this magazine, is that it only came with ONE DVD
compared to T.G.C (mostly highlights, too D: ), and there also was a huge Black&White section
in the middle. The phototography was pretty high-contrast as well.
But it was the same thickness as T.G.C so I guess that extra
odd 200yen is the amount of extra paper. 

These were both the August 2011 editions. If anyone wants me to scan them
or upload the DVDs just say so in the comments and I will try my best.

Hope you enjoyed this random little insight!


  1. WTF gyaru mama!? D;
    I'm not a fan of av gyaru but this post was interesting :) and you're right, that bra is bloody amazing!! :O

  2. uuhh baby!! <3 i was up to order CHOBERI,TGC, SUZY and RAIZO <3 there is a website where they explain what's into every issue but i lost it lol

    please scan somethinggg

    the bra is to die for ;A;

  3. oh awesome It would be cool if you find it again! <3 I will scan something soon I promise!!

  4. @Lolaen - I will be scanning some issues in soon when I get hold of a scanner <3 Thank you for following me too! Nice to know more people who like GalAV

  5. How do you find gyaru porn dvds and magazines to buy online? Is there any in English? Any good websites or tips would be great :D