Friday, 5 August 2011

Giveaway WINNER Announcement~!

~Morning all~
Exciting day today, isn't it!! 

Last night I checked for any faulty entries,
and randomised the winner on

Unfortunately, there were 3 entries that didn't link
to where they had publicised the Giveaway! :( 
and also, an entry after the cut-off point! :O

So the result I got was:

So this means, sorting through all the right entries,

Christina, congratulations, I am so happy for you, and please enjoy the gifts
when they arrive to you, hopefully at the end of next week!!

Thank you to everyone who entered correctly, and I will not dissapoint
any new followers with my upcoming entries! Please always feel free to 
ask questions about Gyaru, Japan or makeup on here or on my Formspring.


  1. Oh god, I still can´t believe it! >////<
    Thank you a thousand times Emilie, you really made my day!!
    It´s the first time EVER I won a giveaway. :´D

    So happy! >///<

  2. omg I came here just to see if lovely Christina won and DAMN SHE WON!!!! <3 aaaa i'm happy <3 she deserves your lovely stuff ^^ *ok i look like a fool or a mental °//////°*