Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Gal Birthday Party + Gets!


I should finally post about my party that was held on Saturday...

Alex, Dom, Fran and I met at 12 in Victoria station 
and headed out to Picadilly - it was pretty bloody warm
for a weather forecast that was apparently going to be "rain".
Unexpectedly, we also met this awesome guy called Toby at the station, 
who was interested in becomming Gyaruo! So I invited him along to my
party to get to know people, and also, uncannily, we had the same birthday!

Anyway, everyone was all dolled up and we waited for Chris to arrive.
And as usual, It just happened that a GIANT CROWD of Japanese 
students (like, Uni students) all flocked past us, staring and smiling, and some
in mild shock lol. 

Then we went to Costa to chat and get some noms 
Fran, Dom and Chris - YAY!

Alex and Myself. I look strange in this picture...

Then we met up with Toby again and my other friend Alex, we went to do
some Purikura. Ahh the ONE machine of London...

I Also took a set with Toby and his friend Abi!
I was wearing my Miratan set from MA*RS!

Then we met up with lots of wonderful Gals and some of my friends
from Brighton and headed to Wagamama for dinner!

The party table! Sorry the compressed rate is AWFUL.

Also, Alex brought his new Checki camera along, so we took some cute photos
and decorated them with good ol' Posca.

Ahh such a fun day. Then it was time to go home....
Smexy outfits!

Right, now onto the gets!
I bought Ranzuki in the Japan Centre
Haven't bought it in years, and omg. Halarious article on stereotyping "bad girls"
XD but it's so true. If anyone else that's read it agrees, I'd love to know yo' favourite.

Lianne got me this gorgeous Marie bag charm! i am so happy!

The wonderful Tasha bought me lots of Lush stuff!! I am totally using this asap!

And my ma' got me a cute PinkxBlack Kitty-chan sandwich box.

I will show what I got myself, and my card collection in another post haha this is so long! XD
I'm off to work now (on my birthday, I know right? awful lol)


  1. One machine? Is the purikura store in Chinatown Market closed down? :(

  2. Naw, but they only have one Japanese machine now :( it really sucks. D:

  3. Congratz on you b-day<3
    Cute gifts^^


  4. It was so fun~~! Can't wait to see you agaaainn.

  5. Oooh looks as if yoou had an amaazing time! ^^ Happy Birthday btw <3

  6. hi dear, you look so pretty! and happy bday~ :D

    mind to check out my mini giveaway?and join if you like <3 :D