Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to be a MA*RS-Gal: Keywords & Thoughts

Hey guys! I have been saving this blog for a while now, 
and since recently, I see that my newer followers seem to have 
a lot of MA*RS backgrounds, that I should probably write this XD

①A curvy body is a woman's prized possession
②Wear bust-enticing tops
③Down your back, must always be a line of 'Feminine Attraction'.
④ Emphasise your hipline 
⑤Display the long line of your beautiful legs
⑥Have the best sparkling & gorgeous neckline
⑦High-heels are one of the best aesthetics.

So, once you follow all of these things, you can be accepted into 
their secret club ;D 

On a serious side, following a particular brand can be great, but also pretty difficult
if you are in a foreign country. I will give some examples of girls I have found who are 
Mars-a-holics as it were, but obv. they are all in Japan. 
I know that in the Lolita scene, lots of girls follow one particular brand. But 
the stories (and amounts of money @_@) I have heard with bad endings
isn't worth it, especially if you are constantly just spending your wages on pre-orders.
If you are really set on following one brand - just be prepared for hardship, 
customs charges if they notice you are importing lots of packages from one place,
perhaps neglecting other important things in your life, and then having a wardrobe
chock-a-block full of one colour-way. (Not all the time, but most Gal brands often have set themes)

MA*RS Girls in Japan
One of my favourite, and most dedicated MA*RS Girls I found on Pupe. 
She has two blogs where you can see her amazingly complete collection here & here.
Her name is Erina.

A person I have found recently, is Alice. She puts up quite a few outfits, but 
she puts some entries as Friends-only. haha she's adorable though.

Last person is Tomo-hime. I really love her blog, and omg, her Chihuahua 
is soooo cute!!! >w<
She posts a lot about food as well, so if you are into food-blogging, its a good one to look at!

My Thoughts
I Adore MA*RS. To absolute pieces. But I dont think or know if I could
have a purely-MA*RS wardrobe. I really like variety, and dressing up- 
so I enjoy having different styles in my wardrobe. Some of MA*RS' accessories
are a tad over-priced for the quality, but overall I am definitely satisfied with the brand,
and will always buy from them. My only wish is that my feet get smaller so I can buy
their shoes! haha. 

I honestly want to hear back from my lovely readers who like MA*RS, or
 that follow a particular brand, how they feel about it, and what their pro's & con's are. 

Also, can anyone else think of other Gyaru brands that have Key-words to follow?
I'd love to find out and know about it! It's really interesting to me. 


  1. Ooh what an interesting post! ^^
    I really like MA*RS clothing, but Idk if it'll suit me D:

  2. Ohh, I love MA*RS and own quite a few pieces however yeah having an entire wandrobe of their items seems impossible to me. I couldn't pull if off xD It's quite cool though that there are quite a few girls who can do it ♥

  3. I love MA*RS ;_; always wanted one of their dresses but they cost over 100+ when I convert the currency ORZ" so yeah... think I should start saving for one of their awesome pieces though

  4. Ma*rs style seems to be really popular among western-gyaru! I like that style too~~ Although I've never tried the actual style out, just added a few elements from it to my outfits~~

    Anyway, this post was really informative, thanks!

  5. Where did you find the "key word" list? Did you make it up? I'm intrigued!

    I just bought a few Ma*rs items with a shopping service. I've done it before and with fees and shipping, anything I buy usually ends up being pretty expensive (like almost 2x as much!).

    I think it's worth it, tho! The Ma*rs aesthetic really appeals to me. Plus, there aren't any brands half as cute here in the U.S. (the closest is maybe Betsy Johnson).

    Another Ma*rs fan I'd recommend is Shadi:!/pages/%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A3%E3%83%87%E3%82%A3-gyaru/144878635563158
    It always inspires me to see a Westerner look so cute in Ma*rs. ^-^

  6. Raindrop: yeah it can end up expensive but trust me, it's worth shelling out for their prices. Try to find a personal shopping service as they are generally cheaper than Companies.

    Yuki: It is getting popular isn't it?! Try it out oneday, it's so much fun and girly :D I used to think I was too big for it, so it wasn't until this year I bought items ;_;

    Bouncybrown: The "key word" list appears on every single official Ma*rs blog :)
    yeah shopping services can get hella expensive, so I've always just saved a little more and gone out to Japan to buy shiz instead. I find it's a little better as you can definitely be sure of an item!
    I am glad you love Ma*rs - it really is cute and sexy. I completely agree though, I can never find any as-cute brands in the West, and Betsy Johnson is really over-priced in the UK for what it is I think. Although I may cave into some shoes!
    Oh Shadi! I forgot about her~! She is very lucky and fortunate to live in Japan so she can buy the latest releases. I will try to put up some coordinates soon. :D

  7. This post was very helpful :)
    I cannot wait to order stuff from them :D