Monday, 28 November 2011


just a little update on here



I am posting tonight on how the weekend was,
and what I am going to be filming this week!

Have a good day everybody <3 <3

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Adventure into Erotica~!

Evening my lovely followers

To let people know, if they are uncomfortable with nudity (again)
this will be a partially NSFW post!

Erotica has been going for many years and I've always wanted
to attend it - unfortunately I was either too young or I forgot to go...
So I suggested going finally with Alex and we decided to attend the Saturday
as it was the busiest day. 

A view of nearly the whole event from upstairs

We were there from 2:30pm until 9pm so we made a nice day out of it!
^ BUM :3 :3 

She was one of the actresses of "Television X". 
(My mouth was like so close to her tits omg)

The main stage downstairs which showed some sexy dancing 
in all types of paired people. 

Some of the fashion stalls at Erotica. I really like clubbing wear even though I don't 
usually buy it!

Some pretty Show-girl type ladies.

Lol faaaaannnseerrvviiceeee. Girls @ Television X again.

Right, now my purchases

I got the complete Mini set of ID Juicy-lubes as I couldn't decide what 
new flavour to get XD 
For recommendations - I love the Watermelon and Peach flavours!
And the Cherry one tastes like yoghurt.... :S 

I also got this cute little leotard thing with fishnet stars cut-out 
of it! I really want to wear it with a pair of shorts over the top
and then with stockings attached <3

Alex kindly took me for dinner at Zizzi's afterwards and we ordered some 
really nice dishes. 
Alex ordered the "Mezzo e Mezzo" pizza which was like TWICE THE SIZE
of him. But somehow he managed to clean the plate..... O_O;

I ordered the "linguini ai Gameri" pasta which was delicious! I love prawns.

We parted ways for the evening after that but when I got home...

My dress I ordered well over a MONTH ago arrived!! YAAY
I think it's really nice.
Anyway, I am so tired so I am off to bed now everyone. Hope you 
enjoyed this post and I will see you all soon! <3

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Thank you to you ALL!

Seriously, thanks to everyone that is a follower/reader of this humble blog -
I honestly never thought it would get to this many people so far!
Remember you are NEVER a number, and I love talking to everyone.
Thank you to everyone who reads/subscribes/comments on here <3

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

1st Anniversary celebrations



I only have these two photos for now, but I will get more from Alex later for a
secondary post - I JUST NEED TO BLOG.

(please excuse the horrid grainy iphone pictures...
I don't know what has happened to my camera on it.)

People entering the O2 arena....
Stage just before Rihanna came on!!! The show was sold out :O

...aannndd then I was too busy dancing to take more. 
Alex has more, because he has a really nice camera! 8D

Anyway, because my lover had to go to work, I went back to Brighton
pretty early the next morning.... which would be today...

I mosey'd around town and found this awesome skirt in 
Urband Outfitters in their winter sale for £15 reduced from £85 @_@
And immediately changed into it because I was freezing!
lol hole in my wall ^
I think it goes well with lots in my wardrobe so It's a good purchase. 
My wardrobe currently isn't that UK winter-friendly so this is great!

Awkward angle shot... got my nice little heater on so i'm all toasty...

And my mug-shot here ↓↓
I was brave today & went into town with no foundation on...
(mainly because I forgot base items) 
So I did my eyemake in the Mall toilets (lol) and just used
my face powder to make me less shiny. 
My skin is not too bad at the moment but I still can't get rid of my horrid
dark circles T^T

Anyway, more Rih-Rih coverage soon! <3 Ciaaaoooo

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fairylash & Diamond Lash review

Thank you for watching!
Yay it's in widescreen finally~
Please tell me what you think. and lol I need video editing tips too ;__;

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

AV Gyaru @ MCM Expo?!

Hey readers,
I got my weekend coverage for you with a good few shots!

So as I may have mentioned, I was working all of Expo this
past weekend for .
I was to be their "booth girl" as always :P

So on Friday morning, I got up super-early and after making sure
my new tan was okay, and curling my hair - I caught the train to London.

Friday I dressed like an AV Nurse! I saw a couple DVDs and really wanted
to use my MA*RS stuff and go OTT on it.
my result:

This was "my" half of the stalls, selling all the sex toys, badges and manning the Raffle.
(Looking at that picture of Moka - I really wish I had her boobs...)
I also ended up in this outfit on Sunday, but It didn't look as great :(

The Friday was pretty quiet for a convention, so that's why there were lots of photos taken.
Saturday was waaaaaaay busy though. I wore something a little more practical but still sexy.

I had seen these pictures

And found that someone was selling the same tutuHA top - so I jumped that sale and bought it.
Alex had ripped and distressed a pair of shorts I bought & lent me his gold Diavlo belt,
which was very nice of him,
and then I wore it with these huge-ass platforms that eventually just hurt. haha!
myself with my other lovely friend named Alex,
With Steve as Rinzler (lol I gave up on wearing shoes at this point!)
lastly, just a mirror-shot in our hotel.

Over-all, it was a really fun, but super-tiring event to work at this time round.
I am really glad my work everyday at the gym had started to pay off, so I am
happy with these pictures now <3

Still looking to be my perfect measurements by Xmas of:
84-58-88cm so not really that long to go. I'm not going by weight this time,
as some muscle is a good thing. As long as I don't end up looking like
a right Powerhouse.

Two things I've learnt with this dark tan, is that I shouldn't highlight my nose,
as it looks huge! and the other being that my eyebrow powder wasn't dark enough LOL.

Tell me what you girlies & guys think, and I will improve as much as I can.