Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"Japan Haul" post!

Hello everyone!! 
I didn't think this many people would be following me!
So I need to get off my little butt and post for you all. :3

So a lot of people have facebooked me, asking what I've brought home
this time round. 

So in little group photos, this is it!

MA*RS Haul
(I also got this white coat, but I left it at Alex's house! :( )
sccarrryyyy purikura eye-enlarging! I look like an Owl....

Other Clothing + accessories Haul

Makeup Haul

Zakka Haul
(Yes, only one little Alpaca ;__; but they were so hard to get!)
I also won a Towel from a UFO machine, but I forgot to picture it!

Clear file Haul
For those who don't know, I collect Clear Files! So if anyone fancies getting me gifts
in the future (lol) I am always looking to add to my collection~! 
(That or some Alpacas. *__* )

If you want to see bigger/separate pictures of everything, clothes etc
are being uploaded steadily on my Pupe account! 
Feel free to add me on there also, It's cool seeing what other people have!

Also, Today's Outfit with new clothing not pictured!
(booo without makeup)
Dress from Tralala and Anklets from Tutuanna!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Koakuma Closet's First GIVEAWAY!!!


 I am starting my first giveaway from today!!
I firstly apologise that I haven't been online much,
but being out her primarily for business leaves me with little
time to post or go on anywhere (even facebook!!)

The picture above is the base of my giveaway, and there are another
TWO mystery gifts that will be included in this lot. 

  • A large Mickey Mouse mirror!
  • Rose Hair fragrance!
  • Freaking cute Pink+Black nails
  • Happy Bath Day - Rose bath tablet
  • *PA "Cracking" nail Varnish in Hot Pink!
  • "Cotton Bouquet" Mini essentials kit
  • A Full Paris Kids Lucky Pack!!
  • Mystery Gift #1 ! 
  • Mystery Gift #2 !! 
Trust me my lovely readers, you will not be disappointed.
I have popped in items that can be used for all types of Gyaru!

The Rules
1. You must be following my blog publicly via Google Friend Connect!
2. You must make a post about this giveaway somewhere
and link it back to the comments of this entry.
3. When you link your post back to me, make sure you leave
your name and email so i can contact you if you win!
The giveaway will end on the 4th August and I will announce the winner
shortly afterwards!
 Thats all today, good luck everyone!! \(^___^)/

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

i'm in japan!!

hey everyone!! 
Well today is my second day in Japan, 
and don't worry, I am going to be posting pictures later on today.
I managed to go to 109 and 109-MENS with the boys,
and that was lovely. after not being there for 3 years, i feel like i'm home.
(kinda worrying but England is arggh frustrating)

But I do have a little suprise!

I am hosting my first giveaway as 
i'm really happy to be back in Japan and 
want to share this with you all!!

obviously It will be Gyaru-themed, but so far, I've picked up
an awesome new nail polish from SBY and know what other little
bits I am going to include for you all. 

I will pop that post up next week and give the full details 
with all the prizes, but just wanted to leave you in a little suspense lol :p

Right I am off to Akiba to do some work now, so see ya'll later! 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Jus' a little update

Don't know if I'll just be digging myself into a big hole,
but I do have a Formspring. 
(I tried making it a widget but I cant figure out where to put the code? Halp??)

so there we are~
Ask me bits n bobs, and I will do my best to reply :D

Monday, 4 July 2011


Ok, so before my usual dribble of saying what i've been up to, 
I casually logged on today that i had 3 more followers 
(which is pretty damn cool) - and that I'd been given
I freaking wasn't expecting that after like 3 weeks of being here. haha!

The ever-so lovely Golly-Locks handed to me, which I thank her
so so much for! So now, I shall pass it on to a few other blogs I love reading! 

So here are the 7 random facts about myself!
1. A lot of people think I am new to Gyaru, but I was Gyaru back in 2005-2007 
(if you find pictures, its hilarious and my style is completely different now)
2. I've had a long-running obsession with the Singer/Musician KAMIJO 
since I was 7 years old!
3. I bum Disney like there's no tomorrow.
4. I was a UK size 16-18 until I was 14.... ;__;
5. I play Ero-ge/Gal-ge regularly.
6. I am an Operatically-trained vocalist on Grade 5
7. Apparently, when you get to know me, I am weirdly old-fashioned.

and I give this "One Lovely Blog" Award to:

All wonderful blogs which always delight me when I read them! <3

(Please read the fine print)
A Few Rules:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it!

Ok so now onto my lovely new nails!
~My theme was Barbie + MA*RS~
COOL, EH?! They are pretty long this time but I am almost
used to them already, which is really neat. 
My friend Asaka did them for me, at Chou Chou Nail Salon
I will review them tomorrow on the UK Gyaru Guide!

Also, yesterday, I met up with my lovely friend Ben,
and we went to the beach to have a mosey along and check out
 this fun-fair thing they were having. 
I bought an Oyster and some baby octopus <3
Super-delicious, I always look forward to them in summer!

See you later!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Sanrio, Room Wear + Blogging in Japan

It's Emilie again lol well who else?

I wanted to share with you guys some Sanrio things of this year 
I have had my eye on! 
My favourite Sanrio character (or duo, actually)
is "Little Twin Stars" or "KikiRara" as they are also known. 
I love the shades, and their angelic presence they give. 

Kiki is the Blue-haired boy, and Lala is the Pink-haired girl.
Aren't they adorable?

I collect loads of their stickers and stationary,
but here are a few more items that I fancy purchasing!
Deco tape! So useful for when I sell things or for pressies.

A lovely little photo album - i've been needing a new one, I will 
see how practical the pages are, but it will be great for the Checki
I have and purikura etc. ^^

My contact case recently smashed ;__; So I have been
looking for a cute new one - this fits the bill!! I might 
get another cheap one to use as a back up, but this is so useful
with its little solution bottle!

one AWESOME calculator. Might get it. I would only need it for
conventions and perhaps other bits of pricing but still....

The next two items are not Little Twin Stars but omg. One of the coolest things EVER.
Oh yeaaahhh - Hello Kitty pink Kettle.
They also make a Toaster, Toaster-Oven and Coffee Percolator!

This bag is bright and amazing. Such a good size and value too!

Right. So the other thing I really want is a nice roomwear set.
As it's summer, Japan and here sometimes in the UK gets quite hot,
and normal PJs just wont cut it. Apart from SBY's stuff,
have you guys seen some nice sets you could recommend?

When I am in Japan, I might blog a few times. Just about what's going on
and to reveal the little surprise I have for you all~ (i'm so proud
that I have 24 followers in such a short space of time! *sniff sniff*)
I might even post links on here to the Vlogs that Alex and I will be 
doing for Tokyo Book Store and the general "Gaijin Gyaru Holiday" thing.

Infact, I want to give him a big shout-out as he needs more blog love!
Please take a look at his blog, support his endeavours by following him!
★☠♪♌♚♤☆Androgynous Otaku☆♤♚♌♪☠★