Friday, 16 December 2011

Hair Horns Tutoral

Sorry it's messy, I can't help my layers!!
Deffo recommended for One layer hair if you want to do all of your
hair like this, otherwise, use the top layer for a half-up do.

I will be back on sunday! Also AV tutorials soon as long as my eyelashes

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Permanent Straightening

Heya all!

So as some of you may know, I am getting Extensions next week!

In order for this all to go to plan and look awesome, I have had
my hair permanently straightened!

I went to Stage One salon in Brighton yesterday afternoon & 
had it done by one of their lovely senior stylists. 

The salon is really cute and modern, themed after a dressing room
as it is situated next door to the Backstage doors of the 'Theatre Royal'
in Brighton.

The process took 2 & 1/2 hours with a blowdry and head massage
and I can tell you it was well worth it. It's now just past the 24th hour
and It's pretty damned straight! I can't wait for tomorrow evening 
to wash it and put on a hair mask to make my roots less frazzled :S

Haha - sorry I don't look my best - Just in my Ma*rs PJs lounging in bed!

The main bulk of my hair is still extremely soft, just the roots where I 
recently bleached them feel like Shredded Wheat.... :'D 

Been through the rain today with an umbrella and hat, I dont think any got on 
my hair but I blow-dried it a little anyway when I got home.

Also received my NYX Candy Glitter Liner in the post today!
(not my photo - mine was rubbish!!)

It's a lot more watery than I expected, but wow it dries quickly
and leaves a good amount of glitter on your eyelid so I am pleased!

Bit of a shite picture but you can see it at least! ^^;;

I will be doing a Makeup tutorial finally this Saturday or Sunday
as I am getting tanned Friday night again! WOOOO. 
I don't like being pasty any more ;___;

For the tutorials, I am focusing on more "Extreme" styles,
If there are any AV Actresses/models/Shop-staff you want
to see tutorials of - ↓↓please suggest in comments below!!↓↓

Friday, 2 December 2011

Seeing my lovely friends + the 1st week of freezing weather

I went to see my friends from Middlesbrough on Sunday up in London <3
The the night before I stayed over at my Dad's house and felt all
I was still ill (still am a little) and started this horrible cough
even though I slept in an amazing bed! (TWO MATTRESSES!!)

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures whilst in London,
we were too busy nattering on about Musicals and our favourite performers! 
They showed me this amazing shop behind Shaftsbury Ave. called
"Dress Circle". I managed to get this revival copy of the Tanz der Vampire
Tomas Borchert is Krolock in this version as its the Wein revival,
but meh, it's better sound quality than my other recording I have on my laptop. 
I also pre-ordered Jan Ammann's solo album from them... :D 
I love him sooooo much! Such a beautiful and talented man!

If anyone else likes TDV or German Musicals, Or Takarazuka I'd love to know
which Musicals are your favourite and/or your fave performers!

We then ate at Pizza Hut, and took some purikura! I DO have these actually!
As you can guess by the pictures - it was our "friendiversary"! 
ahh the purikura machine is sooo old now in London. 
Makes me sad - the place should get new, WORKING ones.

We then parted ways :( and I went back home to attempt to get well.

It hasn't really worked. I keep on coughing so badly, I just need to get better
for my little holiday on the 23rd! 
Today was a dress-down day for charity at work, so I decided to go all
bohemian-y n shit... lol 
You can see my new Marie lanyard as well! yay~<3
with my little headband on to keep me, mildly, warm.

OH there is also this adorable cat that keeps following me home from work!
He kept on moving though so I couldn't take a good picutre...

Apart from that, I cant wait to lose more weight!
I've been following this plan:
and I have lost 2kg already! You have to really follow it
(well I have been replacing any beef with beans or more fish as I 
dont eat meat) and exercise - obviously. 
Hopefully will lose up to 8kg like it says. Lol. well. I freaking hope
so anyways. 7kg left to go!!