Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Off to see "Never Mind the Buzzcocks"

How exciting!!!!!
I am on the train now - trying out
The new Blogger App for iPhone.

Alex was selected to get tickets
So him, Dom and Myself are going :D

Below is my co-de today~!
- yes I am now blonde!!
I am using my new Princess Mimi Chocolate lenses too~

Also I got this seriously yummy
Cloudy Lemonade from M&S

Oh god my hand looks naked...
I need to get my nails done soon.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Weight loss update

Hello my lovely readers!

First of all, I must apologise for not keeping you entertained
over the last week and weekend. 
But there is some good news behind that!


I joined the gym two weeks ago, and have made a promise 
for this week to go every day. 

I am ignoring the scales, because I want to build a few bits of 
muscle here and there, but I am keeping a measurements + Tanning diary from
now until MCM Expo (28th Oct!)

I am at the moment:
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 61cm
Hips: 92cm
Thighs: 53cm
Upper Arms: 27cm
(lol why wont my lower-body just dissapear :( )

Anywho, didn't get to film eyebrows at Alex's so I will do it tonight! 
Check it out~

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Your questions answered!


But seriously, ask anything below and I will reply through comments on here
or even through video if you want to ask something on Vyou.

Fashion, Gyaru, Lolita, advice, voice-acting, Singing, Films, Theatre,
 makeup, Japan, Brands, Japanese, food and
even stuff about Japanese porn as that's to do with my second job LOL.

I am looking forward to the outcome (even if its only 1 question ;w;)


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Anna's Giveaway!

This giveaway is pretty freaking awesome so I wanted to enter. 

And you can too! 
Use the link-thru picture above! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Evening Gals! 


Alice and I went to town on Monday morning, when Katia had hit 
Brighton. Obviously, we had to face the Gale in Gal, head-on! 

Our hair wasn't all that bad after the horrible wind & rain!

I gawt some Cawfeee 
and pancakes, but we like...hoovered them up. :(

Anyhow! If you have read this far- you will know that YES,
next weekend (24th) I will be putting up some tutorials for you Gals,
as promised on my Formspring etc. Mr. Alex is letting me borrow his
DSLR very kindly (And Editing skillz).

Thank you also today to Chaudie who plugged this blog! 
Love youuuu <3 <3

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting prepared for Winter

I think everybody knows that Japan has slightly different temperatures 
in Winter than Europe and the rest of the Western World.
(Both in mid-December)

Even though this could be levelled out by their higher Summer temperatures, 
we are still freezing and trying to look good.

This Winter sees quite a few Gal brands styling after Western fashion,
which places the ball in our court, but for certain brands that
haven't conformed to one trend this season, taking select "Winter
Pieces" that you can be versatile with as well as 'jazz up' will
be very useful. 

To make yourself warmer without losing any style try wearing a thermal bandeau under your top or dress,
 so that it wont show up even under spaghetti straps. 
For your legs, thick tights generally aren't so sexy, so why not try
circulation-boosting tights that will keep you warm by making your blood pump faster!
These usually come in many Denier and in the usual
Black and beige colours. But they look like normal tights more than
anything so they are really handy. If you are still cold, over-
knee socks are always in. This A/W11 try rustic and bold colours to
suit the season's theme. 

Fine knit scarves that won't look too bulky are fantastic; try different
knot with your outfits and get a few patterns or block colours
 to suit your wardrobe?

If you are unable to buy a "brand" coat this Winter check out
well known Gal-friendly stores that are available in the west such as:
  River IslandLipsy, Forever21, Urban Outfitters and H&M
Don't forget to check Ebay and Etsy for additional fur collars etc you
can use to make your style unique!

!~Hope this helps~!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to be a MA*RS-Gal: Keywords & Thoughts

Hey guys! I have been saving this blog for a while now, 
and since recently, I see that my newer followers seem to have 
a lot of MA*RS backgrounds, that I should probably write this XD

①A curvy body is a woman's prized possession
②Wear bust-enticing tops
③Down your back, must always be a line of 'Feminine Attraction'.
④ Emphasise your hipline 
⑤Display the long line of your beautiful legs
⑥Have the best sparkling & gorgeous neckline
⑦High-heels are one of the best aesthetics.

So, once you follow all of these things, you can be accepted into 
their secret club ;D 

On a serious side, following a particular brand can be great, but also pretty difficult
if you are in a foreign country. I will give some examples of girls I have found who are 
Mars-a-holics as it were, but obv. they are all in Japan. 
I know that in the Lolita scene, lots of girls follow one particular brand. But 
the stories (and amounts of money @_@) I have heard with bad endings
isn't worth it, especially if you are constantly just spending your wages on pre-orders.
If you are really set on following one brand - just be prepared for hardship, 
customs charges if they notice you are importing lots of packages from one place,
perhaps neglecting other important things in your life, and then having a wardrobe
chock-a-block full of one colour-way. (Not all the time, but most Gal brands often have set themes)

MA*RS Girls in Japan
One of my favourite, and most dedicated MA*RS Girls I found on Pupe. 
She has two blogs where you can see her amazingly complete collection here & here.
Her name is Erina.

A person I have found recently, is Alice. She puts up quite a few outfits, but 
she puts some entries as Friends-only. haha she's adorable though.

Last person is Tomo-hime. I really love her blog, and omg, her Chihuahua 
is soooo cute!!! >w<
She posts a lot about food as well, so if you are into food-blogging, its a good one to look at!

My Thoughts
I Adore MA*RS. To absolute pieces. But I dont think or know if I could
have a purely-MA*RS wardrobe. I really like variety, and dressing up- 
so I enjoy having different styles in my wardrobe. Some of MA*RS' accessories
are a tad over-priced for the quality, but overall I am definitely satisfied with the brand,
and will always buy from them. My only wish is that my feet get smaller so I can buy
their shoes! haha. 

I honestly want to hear back from my lovely readers who like MA*RS, or
 that follow a particular brand, how they feel about it, and what their pro's & con's are. 

Also, can anyone else think of other Gyaru brands that have Key-words to follow?
I'd love to find out and know about it! It's really interesting to me.