Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sunburn and Recent Gets

Hey everyone~!
A few days ago, the lovely Katie posted about NYX Creme Glitter shadows.
I knew about the brand but was excited that it was available in the UK!
You can order from their English Website or by going into your local
Urban Outfitters store. I was hanging out with one of my best friends Popi
on Tuesday and we bought this lovely tanning moisturiser from Dove.
I am using it along with my regular tanning and already it's really proving
to be awesome. And it doesn't smell bad either! we got the darker skinned
one as it shows up more. :)

Popi kindly bought the NYX glitter for me as a little present, and lunch!
I'm so lucky :O Urban Outfitters had them on sale at £4 each so it was awesome!
I will be sure to buy more of their products in Japan.
Speaking of which, it's only just hit me that it is NEXT WEEK. (Well, Monday 11th,
but I go to LFCC next weekend and Tokyobookstore isn't sleeping on the Sunday)
If you are going to LFCC, please come along to our stall and say hello! We
sell Doujinshi and sex toys, lol.

On Monday I was hanging out with some of my Japanese friends on
the beach, and even though we all had fun, nearly everyone got sunburn.
mine is really raw - probably because I made the stupid mistake of
going on a sunbed in the morning..... >_>; I hope it doesn't come back to
haunt me! In any case, here is a photo of the gang~
Also my outfit and makeup for Monday⇊☠♥☠
I went with Sakurina's heavy makeup in July's Ageha. 
This is probably the outfit I am going to wear on the plane too!

Oh another picture from Tuesday - Popi got her Tattoo Coloured!
It's of her lovely Tarantula 'Sparkle' who passed away :(
That's all folks~ see you all soon! :D

Monday, 27 June 2011

My "Wishlist" for Tokyo

Evening everyone~
So lovely and warm today, I am sad I didn't get out that much.
I want to show you guys the main things I want when I go to Tokyo 
in two weeks. But before that, I got this amazing icecream today!
IT LOOKS SO COOL. (and tastes good too)

Anyway, On to the items. This is obviously for the 1 or 2 people 
who want to know what I like style-wise. 
I like to think of myself as a British Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.
But then again, I probably couldn't get into Harvard. U_U

I love Barbie. I used to collect a fuck-tonne of them as a child
and now that I have lost most of the excess-weight I have I want to
dress like her. 

So here are my Barbie-esque pieces that I seriously am in love with...
The brands are MA*RS (Surprise, Surprise!), GOLDS∞, Albina, XOXO & d.i.a

I refuse to believe these are sold out. ;__;

I adore this skirt/shorts so much 8D 

Sorry for making you scroll so much, but I hope that some of you
may like some of the items I picked! I really want another bag,
and need a few more pairs of shoes, so I will hunt around!

Not a gyaru brand, but I am so glad these are still available! 
Cross&Crown sandals in Enamel black by Alice and the Pirates!
They are so sexy.

Have a good night everyone, and please link me to any awesome bags
you've seen around! ;P

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Straight Perm and late-night update

Sorry to harass your feeds again, 
but I just wanted to do a little outfit post
and a picture of my straight perm. As I just realised I haven't posted
pictures of myself yet in a post!

Suppin~! But it's pretty straight, no? 
Sorry I look like a Child without makeup on XD

My warm, casual outfit for yesterday~!
Socks and Cardigan bought by My Alex

Silly Face!! Some light makeup in an adapted "Himena Osaki"- style.
A strange photo, but never mind :'D 

Just am keeping on praying that my hair will stay straight in humid Tokyo!

My Excitement for my Japan trip comes in these forms....

(and at Night-time too!)

(it's as big as the child! *__*)

So while it's horribly raining outside, I made this, am thinking about
doing a "Special Surprise" for my little group of followers when i'm in Tokyo
...So keep checking back for info, from the 11th July!

Right, I'm going for a tan. I got my hair straightened, we will see if it has worked properly
on saturday. Then on Sunday I get my extensions put in, and my hair cut!! YAY!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nail Appointments, Jobs & Japan

Evening all~

So yesterday I had a really adventurous day! 
I went into Brighton, Had a successful job interview, booked my nail appointment,
went for a tan and put up items for sale! 

For my set of nails, I am getting a MA*RS themed set! 


Of course I will post about it. There is no doubting that at all lol.

Tanning went well, I am going to buy a pack of minutes to use up before Japan in 3 weeks
I already tanned a little! *0* super rare for me, I haven't tanned in a good 5 years!
But thanks to my "Hey, Gorgeous" accelerator by SynergyTan
this is finally changing *tears of joy*

.....(this also means i need to change my makeup completely....oh.)

Right, so the big thing coming up is my July trip to Japan.
I have been in a pickle for this trip as I got fired from a job 
so I am trying to sell everything bar my soul to get money,
and working as a waitress (only for 1 day a week though.. sigh)

Well - If I super-doll-up on saturday, which also happens to be
"International Gyaru Day", maybe I will earn more tips than usual! hooray!!

Getting my hair done tomorrow! I will blog to show you~ xo

Monday, 20 June 2011

too late to class "beauty sleep"

I am up because I have spent a few hours looking for physical shops that sell cosmetic contact lenses in Tokyo.
I know, I know - there are loads, but I just wanted to whittle down some of them to how much stock they carry etc. 
Thrilling, eh? 

I also did a little estimate quote on getting a full Mori-Nail set at either Carry or Crea...I did not like the £145-180 price tag whatsoever. If I was earning in Yen then maybe that 13,000-22,000 円 wouldn't be so much. 

So, I've decided to get them done at Chou Chou Nails again, Tina is lovely and will make it an art piece, lol. 
I'm going with a MA*RS theme as their colours are very lovely, and it should match (most) of my purchases on holiday. I am estimating a £80 price tag, which isn't that bad. I will try to provide as many stones etc as possible to cut costs. haha aahrrhhh i am cheap. ;__; But at the moment, I have to be. 

Tanning tomorrow when I wake up!! I can't wait. 


Thursday, 16 June 2011


Morning Internet!

Right so, I thought it would be nice to update today~
Alex has gone to work, and so I am at his house...

I did Alice's nails on Tuesday!
They are only the 2nd full set I've completed, so I was
very happy with the results! \(^w^)/
 But of course I need to improve, still.
Please give your thoughts on them! m(^♥ᴥ♥^)m

Apart from that, Japan is in 3 weeks! (which I am happy for)
X_X; but I still don't have a regular job, Which sucks.
I honestly hope I have this fantastic stroke of luck,
so I can have a good amount of spending money. 
I'm aiming for £1k, which to some may seem like a lot,
but tbh, the 円>£ ratio isn't in our favour at the moment,
and I have sold a hell of a lot to be able to go. 
Just need that miracle!! D:

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My First DIY Acrylics!

Oh God, I'm posting once a day....


I finished these an hour ago. 
4 hours in total, I will obviously have to get faster.
But apart from the slight milkiness to the (What was supposed to be) clear parts
I think they have come out quite nicely!

My right hand is a lot nicer as I am left-handed. 

Please tell me your thoughts! :)


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Albina by Golds∞

I have no idea when this was set up,
but GOLDS∞ have released a sub-brand called "Albina".

And Himena's ass is all over dat shit. 8D
(wtf, why didn't I see it's release on her blog?!)

Anyhow, I like it. Prices seem the same,
and the styles are just a little bit more pink than
the average GOLDS∞ stuff. ← wow Emilie, so elegantly put.

No doubt I will take a few pictures of the store/section that it's in-store
(and buy a few bits) when I'm in Japan.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Selling, Selling, Sold!

Hey everyone! 
So, I am off on Holiday/Business to Japan 
in a month's time, so I need to raise a few more pounds
to spend out there. 

I have popped on Livejournal, two sales posts which I think 
some of you may be interested in! 

For Gyaru Items: 

And for Other Clothing and Curiosities:

Obviously, please keep all business within those two links, 
But please take a look - all items are priced quite cheaply!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new Blog!
I am going to try my hardest to actually keep this going regularly.
I have kinda failed in the past with that so here's to this one!

Right, now onto some cool topic which I always find interesting:
Western companies copying Eastern ones

So most of you reading this will know of, or like the designer
I really love some of her clothes and ADORE the packaging
and actual make-up products that she produces. But I've
always been torn at the price; As I earn my wages in GBP,
An eyeshadow palette of hers will cost more than Chanel charge
so at around £50 a pop, there's no doubt in saying i've been
reluctant on purchasing her goods. 

But, to my surprise as I was moseying around town with Alice
yesterday.... I came across this delightful treasure in 
Claire's Accessories:

.... It's basically a direct rip-off of Jill Stuart's "Illuminance Eyes" 
Shadow Quad she produces. 
The only difference is that to make it the humble £5 I paid at Claire's
there is no double mirror on the inside of the lid and the pattern on top is 
slightly different. Even the applicator is freakishly similar!

Anyway. Grab this at Claire's Accessories while you can, 
They have it in two shades. The purple one I got and a pink version 
(which is actually one of the colour-combos from J.S!).