Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I'm back and recovered from the weekend, folks!

And let me tell you, it was a very jam-packed one at that!
I got up at 5:30 friday morning and packed the last few bits before heading up to the Excel centre in London.

After helping set up Tokyobookstore & sushinoms, I got changed and applied makeup for our team's School theme!!
I took some photos that evening in the hotel bathroom (again)
I tried the new trending eyemakeup where you leave the outer edges separate. 
But I am sure on how it looks on foreigners... hmmmm :S

After chilling with Alex that night, watching very, very awful TV and eating pizza, I didn't get a decent sleep but THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WICKED - and so up I was again at 6am to get ready in my first "proper" cosplay of the weekend.
As "Nakuru" from Mayo Chiki. It's one of my favourite anime and manga, and I love this character! It's alllllmooossttt great, just I couldn't find the correct colourway for the dress, as I had to buy it. 
With The lovely Rosanna and Alex.

I FINALLY met Emilia for the first time! Here I am with Charlie also, cosplaying Lightning. It's such a shame I wasn't in Gal! D:
AND OH MY LUCKY STARS - A LEELOO COSPLAYER!!!! I have always, AAALLWAAYYSS wanted to see 5th Element cosplay, and have never in my life seen it done. So I was grinning with pure happiness here haha. 
(One day I will do a Floston Paradise air hostess cosplay)


Onto Sunday~ 
After partying at Japan Underground saturday night, we headed back a little early so we could get ready for the long day ahead. 
I had to get up to do my prosthetics and makeup for Amber Sweet from Repo!The Genetic Opera.
Alex took some shots in the morning when my feet were not in pain from the really high stilettos...
I am super-pleased with how this turned out this time round. I did it two years ago, and comparing photos I can see where I have lost weight, and how I have improved the costume itself!


FOUND AMAZING ICE KING & QUEEN COSPLAYS!!! (Mr. Bread case got in the way of the shot at the bottom....)

I am really glad I can help out working at Expo and even though it was stressful - we all had so much fun! YAAY!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day trip + LM.C Live

Just a quick update before this weekend's MCM Expo! 

Yesterday I travelled up to London with Finlay, Dom, Alex, Dodo + Chriss to have a lovely little day out and then to see LM.C in the evening!

It was soooo nice and hot outside so I wore my tutuHA outfit:

I've been going tanning a lot - am I getting darker? I think I am slowly lol

Alex wanted to join in on the fun...

We took a few purikura and this was my favourite one of us all

Also got to go to Cinnabon for the first time ever! This was outrageously amazing. All warm and delicious!

After some ice cream as well at Chin Chin labs in Camden, we all headed to Fin's house to freshen up and take this 'family' photo haha.

Also I got this new gets from 'sushi noms' last week - I will also be cosplaying Nakuru on saturday at MCM Expo (which I of course will blog about!) Any other Mayo Chiki fans on here??


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Emilie's beauty tips #1 (for face)

Okay so Today I will lay out what I do to improve my facial features!

First up, is for my teeth. I had 2 years of Orthodontistry in my early teens which I am trying not to repeat! So after experimenting with lip piercings, one of my teeth on the bottom row got pushed back and I really regret having facial piercings as my braces were very painful. T__T 

So back in November, you may remember I visited Erotica with Alex. We had our teeth whitened and since then, 3 times a week (usually) I have been brushing with...
Eucryl toothpowder
(picture taken from look-flyingmonkeys blog because mine turned out bad)

I have to say, this stuff REALLY works. My grandparents used to use this and 'Arm&Hammer' toothpowder but I don't think that brand makes powder any more. 
Instructions say just to use it ontop of normal brushing - and the results are really good. I recommend this highly if anyone wants to give it a go!
Remember to brush in a circular motion to avoid gum damage 8D

My next item, is an old favourite for nearly everything skin related

You can clearly see the uses for it on the front, and it works quite well for all of these things. 
Yesterday I burnt my face at the tanning salon, so when I got home, I rubbed some of this onto the burnt area and this morning it's reduced considerably! I will go on a bed tonight with a cloth over my face to be careful. 

I used to use it for spots, I think this works pretty well if you get random spots on your body from exercise or stress, on your face, it can work but repeated use without any other moisturiser can sometimes leave your face puffy and/or swollen in the morning and the skin dry. 
Make sure if you use this on your face, to keep to a regular skin routine with a moisturising lotion and toner after you remove your makeup each night. 
If you're purse is a little empty, Boots has a fantastic + cheap range here:

I use the Moisturising Lotion & Facial Toner in this range.
The scrub and mask in this range are also very refreshing! Also, my old manager at Starbucks used to use the eye gel at night, and it worked for him! Go and have a try of these!

All these products mentioned are well under £5 - so it won't break the bank to keep you looking beautiful!

Friday, 11 May 2012



So this is my good news!!! I went to London yesterday to visit the Japanese Embassy to collect my passport, which as I am glad now, actually had the Visa inside! 

This is what they look like:
pretty cute eh?? I love the pink and red colours with the Sakura! 

My wonderful friend Simone came with me to calm my nerves, and afterward we went to Carnaby street to look in various shops. 

We went to Irregular Choice (such a cool shoe shop!) and I found this handsome fellow
Isn't he cute?? 

We took some pictures with him actually on my phone.
As you can see though, he unfortunately covers the bottom of my lens... 

Anyone wanna give him a name btw?? XD

Then we met up with Dodo and Sam, wandering around the V&A and Natural History Museum. 

No pictures were taken until we all went to....

(these were actually our 2nd round of pitchers but we liked the colours...)

Then it was home time. But I am so over the moon about everything, and I will be finally following my dream, trying to make my career out in Japan. \(; ^ ;)/

Monday, 7 May 2012

Tanning + Pizza


So, last week + this weekend gone were pretty eventful, if I do say so myself.

Friday was 'Star Wars Day' which I had no idea about until Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers, casually WANDERED THROUGH MY OFFICE.... 

*le gasp*
(I love working here. lol.)

One of my collegues, Fran brought in Oreo Cupcakes that his gf had made. So I bought one. Totally worth it:
It was amazing. 

Friday night, Alex came round and we ordered some Domino's to celebrate. After some Rekorderlig I decided to take a seductive pizza-eating photo...
lovely Anchovy, Tuna pizza with sun-dried tomatoes~ <3 

In the morning of Friday, I also went tanning at my new tanning salon, 'Sun Chic'. 
It's good because they have very new, high-tech machines, and I have to walk 30 mins to get there which will make me tan more! 
I like this stand-up one because it has a radio in it! how cool is that?

I am using this tanning lotion, 'Dark Start' from Power Tan , which seems to have worked this week, lets hope I go really dark brown!

 On Saturday, I went to visit my brother(from another mother) and we went to have lunch at this Japanese restaurant, E-kagen. It was wonderful food and they even had Unagi sushi! so delicious!
I haven't posted pictures of anyone yet just in case they didn't want anything up on here!

I also dyed Alex's hair Blonde, in preparation for his Silver/Grey hair in a few weeks.
Doesn't he look so nice?? 
I took this photo of us too:

That day I went for 'Imouto-kei'. With cute clothing style and some of my hair in a hair-band. haha. 

We also went to dinner at this amazing place called 'Foodilic'.
It's a super-healthy all-you-can-eat where there are a few meat main courses, and everything else is Veggie-friendly!

Obviously, we had all the veggies! it's only £6.45 for the food with drinks priced separately!
(I am not a pig, Alex had 3 plates! ^_^; lol)

Everyone's gone now, so I am left to my own devices

Thursday is upon us now! I wonder what this news will be?? <3

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mountains of Sushi

Why hello~ 

So the big secret that I keep mentioning briefly will be released next Thursday evening, hopefully I shall be baring good news, but for the mean time I am blogging about the weekend just gone + have a couple other blogs lined up! 

Celebrating the creation of Alex's new company (more to come soon!) Alex, Fin, Dominic and myself had a sorta "double-date" weekend (lol) with a 3 day Sushi Party! 

There were THREE whole layers of sushi in this cardboard box, which kept us full and satisfied all weekend lol. (I want it all again....) 

On the Saturday we all headed into town to have lunch and go see...

It was fantastic! Long but never boring, we viewed the 2D "normal" version as none of us are a fan of 3D cinema per say. 

I'd deffo see it again but Odeon costs way too much and I want to save my "Premiere Points" on Dark Shadows!

Just a little update to keep you entertained for now! 
I leave you with the question:
who is your favourite 'Avenger'??
(Mine is Tony Stark/Iron Man! <3)