Tuesday, 24 January 2012

GGA 2012 - Make Your Nominations!!

A few other lovely bloggers have been spreading the word as well

But I can't wait to see the finalists - things like this always excite me!
(Like Eurovision! haha I <3 it!)

I know who I will vote for (let's just hope that said girlies will win) 
so now it's time for everyone else to vote for their favourite Gaijin Gyaru!

!!Happy Nominating!!

Here is what Lhouraii posted on her Tumblr

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012!
The second annual ‘Gaijin Gyaru Awards’ is coming up! Awards in 8 separate categories are presented by different Gaijin Gyaru!
Nominations are currently being made, you can nominate up until the 4th April here:
So make sure you nominate! Nominations are completely anonymous, you can nominate as many people per category as you wish, but there is only one entry per person!
Nominees will be announced first on Youtube and voting will begin!
Channel: youtube.com/ligyaru
Spread the word! The awards can’t exist with you!
Any questions:

Friday, 20 January 2012

My Readers views: Gyaru Anket Answers!!

Evening once again everyone!

So for one week, I conducted an "Anket" - A survey, if you will. 
This was to see what Western Gyaru (Or well, at least my readers) were more geared towards within the Fashion and the Lifestyle of Gyaru.

It's actually produced some pretty interesting results. Although I can still see how it ultimately does relate to and show the 'pressures' we go through with the Online community across the Globe.

Here is the Chart I put together, and I will explain more underneath for those interested.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Izumi Mana Makeup Tutorial

Evening~! <3

I trust everyone is enjoying their weekend?
*puffs pipe*
(Yes, I have been watching Sherlock Holmes today =_=;)

I have just uploaded this on Youtube for you guys

Please tell me how it is and I would appreciate con-crit for the video itself as well as the make-up!

On tuesday/wednesday I will put up the finalised results of the Anket that I made this week, and annotate it which I hope others will find interesting also!

See you soon!

Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Gyaru Anket~! (Questionnaire/Survery!)

Why hello everyone! 

I have a little treat for everyone that likes surveys, which I have been creating at work etc 
so my readers can take part. 

I am looking for Girls and Guys that dress Gyaru to answer as all of the questions relate to a "Gyaru Lifestyle" in general (The sections are Beauty, Fashion, Style, Looks and Health).

This will be up for ONE WEEK

Please take part as it would mean a lot to me! <3 (and I am doing a neat chart afterwards to summarise it)
It would also be very interesting to see on average what Gaijin Gyaru are drawn towards more.

Here is the normal link:

And the Widget if you'd like to do it here. I will be leaving this on my sidebar too.
**EDIT: As lots of people have taken the survey already I cannot edit the text inside but for the
question "which magazines do you read?" The 'Niche' mags also include Soul Sister, Soul Japan & I <3 Mama.**

Enjoy! On sunday will be the Izumi Mana makeup tutorial~! xoxo

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 off to a great start!

So all the fun began on the last day of my holiday in Lyme Regis with Alex. 
We found "Pedocat" cereal in Tesco. I couldn't believe what a resemblance it was...

After meeting with the wonderful Lizzie on Friday, I saw my friend Katie who was back in England
from teaching in Kagoshima!
We went to a themed cafe in Brighton called 'Marwood Cafe'. It's like an 80s kids' room 
with strange 'Tat' everywhere!
(pasty-Emilie!) lol

After a long walk we headed off to one of my favourite restaurants, 'Mr Noodle'. I ordered 
some Pumpkin Croquettes, Seafood Ramen and a Bubble Tea for £9!! So cheap!
On Sunday I went to visit my papa to give him xmas pressies etc. 
Then yesterday...
I GOT MAD TAN! Saw Alice in the morning at her work~ We sat behind the till and read Soul Sister lol.

I was off to London for a UK Gyaru meet. A few of us came along, and it was really enjoyable~! <3
I went for a Tsuyome look with some Soul Sister influences. First time my hair has worked out properly!

Zip-up Dress - Ni9ne
Leggings - Primark
Sandals - River Island
Accessories - Lipsy & Offbrand
(i've put on weight over Xmas but tbh - who doesn't :( losing it all now though! And the rest!)
Myself and Yamii <3

Got some cocoa bubble tea with coffee jelly!
Soul Sister from eBay and I bought January Egg too :)

I hope everyone else has had a lovely New Year :D 

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Just quickly
here are my resolutions that I WILL stick to
this new year.

  1. Taking Dukan diet and making myself lose 1st (hopefully a little more :S)
    (yes I have noticed a lot have gone missing- I apologise for this and I dont know if I can recover them all)
  3. Blog more about the things YOU want & read!
  4. Improve the quality of my hair, then get practising hairdos often.
  5. To save enough to move out and live comfortably! :D

End of the year post!

Why good evening!! :D

I am sorry I haven't gotten round to doing a Xmas post yet but I promise that I will post the bits 
I got right now! 8D 

My pressies were from Alex ...and also my mum got me a little gift.

It started off with a wonderful Tinkerbell box from Tokyo Disney

and inside...
he had drawn me beautiful pictures of Princess Bubblegum and Finn!! *_*
I am over the moon about them!

LE Stitch and Minnie/Mickey pins! Also the one in the middle 
is my very sought-after Stitch dressed as Cpt. Jack Sparrow!

The last of the pins were baby Disney Princesses! so cute!

He also kindly bought me a Comprehensive guide to DisneyWorld 2012
- I cant wait to read this!!! *_* (I left it at his though lol)

 Mum got me these lovely Disney cushions as well! 

I am so tired right at this moment, but I will be doing another post tomorrow about my trip to Lyme Regis and also other things I have bought etc over the holidays - HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS!