Monday, 25 June 2012

Japan days 2-3, Today's coord and GETS

Evening my lovelies! 

I am back with an update on how these last few days have been going :3

I have ticked a few things off my wish list, and also seen things that weren't actually that great IRL off of it too. 

I'm going to start with the things I bought today and did ^_^
It was 7,000yen though....

Denim Skirt from d.i.a - lol they kept asking me if the size I picked (m) was 'okay...'
MOAR INCENTIVE TO LOSE WEIGHT NAO.  (tbh I don't know if they meant it in a nice way but lol) 

A new bra set from Aimerfeel + random nice t-backs! One of these (obv. not pictured) will be in my giveaway!!
- For anyone wondering, this is the navy version of the pink bra set i have! -

Alex and I got matching couple bracelets from Diavlo! Such nice item! We love skulls <3

Also ran out of eyelash glue today, so bought some more and new bottom lashes! ^_^

This was my coord of today. 
Taken inside the toilets of 109 Mens haha.

After our extremely tiring day, Alex and I went to Freshness Burger and had delicious tofu burgers and salad <3

Yesterday we found Suicabars and OMG was I glad to. Best ice lollies ever.

Also went to ABAB (my 2nd have Gyaru mall) and bought these awesome items!
New Dolly Wink eyeliner and a perfect eyebrow kit from KATE. <3


I will have more eventful blog posts up soon including GIVEAWAY TEIM BECUZ I HAVN'T GOT EVERYTHING YUT OKAEH?!

Enjoy and good night!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm in Japan!!

Hey everyone, just to let you all know that I am safely here and enjoying my time!!

I will blog tomorrow and upload some photos,
It's my 2nd day here and I'm going to Harajuku to have a gander at some bits n bobs with Finlay. <3 

Went to Dancegroove yesterday!! It was amazing so I will cover that in depth tomorrow also. 

Announcements for Giveaway will be soon! 


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

mini Japan 2012 wishlist

Last year I had a significant amount I wanted to buy, as I scoured through all the shops.

This year however, because I am staying for longer, I didn't want to make myself spend loads of cash, so here are a few items that have really peaked my interests...

Skinny Lip
I love the cross-front tops they design. The one on the left is part of their Ageha collab. 
The grey top on the right I love because it's simple, hopefully meaning I can coordinate with many things!

Baby Shoop
I freaking LOVE Baby Shoop. I've wanted this hat for ages, then saw that Mipoti got it and knew it would be sold out soon. It's sold out on the website but there is no harm in trying the stores!

one word: DAYUMN. I want these in black. White shorts are a pain and will not look good on my chunk-ass for the time being.

Crazy Tribe
SOOOO much love for this T-shirt. Will try to get a similar one if this happens to be sold out. 
Also want these gummy bracelets Mipoti wore. I think they might just be promo but I will check the store to see if they are sold.

Found this the other day on their webshop, I really like this 2-in-1 top. The dangly XII logo isn't part of it, but the cut of the double-top is awesome and I hope it will go with many things!

another backless halter-dress for summer, I really like these a lot and don't mind what colour it's in. 
I just hope it will fit my hips LOL.

Also this top is pure awesomeness. I love how they have paired it up with one of the bras. Which I shall also buy as I love lingerie! This top also comes in black and turquoise but in white it looks the most summery and nice I think. 

For Accessories and shoes, I am waiting to see what there is on offer when I am in Tokyo. I know that cork-heeled brown or black cross-strap sandals are in at the moment, so they are pretty versatile when it comes to making an outfit. 

Other stuff I will need to see what is available and will obviously do some posts and/or videos on it :D

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Leaving Party

So Yesterday I held a little leaving do in Hyde park, London <3 

I am so grateful to those who came to visit, and also those who partied into the evening! 

So here are a select photos from the lovely day, I am so so happy to have had it, but sad I have to leave all my wonderful friends behind! :(

Lizzie & I
Such a pretty card from Simone & Ray



Late night dinner <3

My next post will be a mini-blog from Heathrow~! 
I hope everyone will enjoy following me along my journey, I want to share adventures with you all <3

Thursday, 7 June 2012

15 days to go...

Just a quick update before the weekend! 

I didn't really think until today how soon I will be leaving the UK (O ^ O) so I am feeling a little stunned and am kicking my little booty into gear! 

I have decided for a few things to be up & coming on this blog - as I want to keep everyone's eyes peeled (lol well yeah that's the point of a blog Emilie...) and to keep myself busy and remember good times etc. 
I want to do a normal, every day gyaru makeup tutorial, which I will probably film in Japan as my products now are pretty scabby tbh, so It will be exciting with new makeup!! :)

As I mentioned previously, I will be getting my items for my 1st anniversary giveaway in Tokyo too, I want to treat you guys this time as I am astonished that in only 1 year, I have peaked the interests of nearly 300 of you! I appreciate every single person that reads my funny shenanigans so I hope it will appeal to a lot of other gaijin gyaru! 

I will also try to regularly film little video diaries for Youtube which I will pop on here, for fun and to really capture the feeling of a place. I might even do requests and go to the places you want! Buuut I will need to check travel money for that haha. (just in case I don't get a job right away!) 

I'd love to meet up with my wonderful readers - so If you are out in Tokyo this year, let me know! 

Right, Alex is over tomorrow so I am off to tidy up and finish off things. :)

Ciao! xx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

GGA Best Makeup announcement!

On Thursday, Lhouraii uploaded the finals & winner announcement of the Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012. 

I can finally release that I won the 'Best Overall Makeup' category!!
I am so over the moon~ 

Thank you also to you new subscribers that searched for my blog after the video! Sorry my handwriting is bad \(; ^ ; \)

As the counter at the top of my blog announces - I have 21 days left until I am in Japan! 
I am really excited for it! Also so I can make my blog that little bit more interesting by writing entries from there instead of in England. 

Some of you may have noticed that now we are in June, my blog anniversary is coming up??
Don't worry, I am planning a giveaway, it will be a little belated from the actual anniversary which is on June 8th, as I want to get some really lovely items to show my gratitude for everyone's support!!
(so this might be the end of June/ beginning of July!)

Ciao! xoxo