Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Want Lens Review: Super Crystal Pink & Flower Plum Brown

So I want to thank my new readers that I have noticed recently, 
You are all so very appreciated! m(*-_-*)m

I hope you enjoy this little review.

I ordered the two pairs last Monday night, and asked a few 
questions, directly, to the lovely shop owner through their
"live chat" system. Brilliant idea!

Everything was processed by Tuesday morning and they arrived
on Thursday! Such fast arrival and excellent service. 
nicely packaged, lol at all the stamps O_O;

Inside the larger packet, was a flyer for the website and this smaller packet!
(I also got a little free cake charm, but I haven't got a pic for it D: )

and obviously, Inside were my lovely contact lenses.
They look so pretty! 

The wear of them
Slightly odd-looking photo, but here is the pink on the Left,
with the brown on the right. 
The pink is slightly larger, but both I give 5/5 for enlargening effect.

I wore the brown lenses all day today, and they are super comfortable.
Only when it hit 8pm today did my eyes get dry. 

The pink ones I need to wear for a day, definitely. When I tried it on though,
there was only the slightest bit of discomfort, I think, because they were bigger
to what I was used to wearing.

I think I will be ordering and pre-ordering from them 
from now on! Fantastic service and products. 
And not to mention the price - with free shipping
and amazing sale prices, I wanted to buy one of everything!! 
Thank you,!


  1. the pink lenses look really cute on you! love it!

  2. I love these lenses, they look so good on you!