Monday, 24 October 2011

Cat-walking and New Nails

Evening all!

This weekend was absolutely killer~ <3
I went to visit one of my good friends as we were
going to go walk her cats on the beach!!

This is "Sushi"...
and that's me walking "Spooky"!
I tried to get a better pic of her here:
But she moves around an awful lot haha. 

I also wanted to show you my outfit from last week!
I got a few new bits for winter and I love how comfy they all are!

On Sunday, I looked at the Autumn sales in Lipsy, and found
an awesome top!! Got it in a larger size so it was ruurrrl baggy
Paired it with my tutuha necklace, grey shorts + tights and then my new Primark booties.
I also did "Natsuhmi"'s makeup inm pink + Turquoise. It came out okay, but I look retarded
in the photos I took of it....

As you can probably see in the pictures there, I got a new nail set - FINALLY.
I really love them! Might make them a little more pointy for Expo though this weekend.
Done once again by the lovely Asaka.

Have a good Evening/Day and i'll write again soon <3

Friday, 21 October 2011

Styles I love

Evening readers~<3

It has to be said; I think that one of my top
fashion goals is to look like Barbie. 
Mainly for her face, always looking immaculate, 
and having a "killer" body. 

But also because she can be anything,
can strive to look her best in anything no matter
what time of year. I would love to accomplish that.

So, styles that really call out to me are:

Glam Barbie/Preppy style
Clueless and Legally Blonde are two of my most favourite films. 
I really hoped that it would inspire more fashion to be 
replicating Barbie-esque clothes. Alas, I haven't seen this 
everywhere, and have to really search for bits outside of Japan.


No matter whether it's on Girls or Guys, I love this style, and
the people who can pull it off correctly.
Now with Ora-ora style making it's uproar in the Gyaru community,
It may be that Rokku-kei is waning. I just freaking love the hair
and accessories though!!! RAWR. (and makeup...)

Ero-kawa/Pheremone-Kei/The AV girl look(s)

Lots of examples there to show you the styles. Obviously, from above
you can see I favour being very tanned. I think this is a complex
because I am naturally so pale LOL.
For Ero-kawa, I see a lot of D.I.A, Lip Service, MA*RS, GOLDS∞ and more
recently - tutuHA.
Ero-kawa in general is how it sounds - "Erotic" & "Cute".
MA*RS would be an "Ero-kawa" brand. Golds Infinity are more
Psyche, Pheremone-kei in general, but definitely the Ero-kawa element
is there in most of their items. D.I.A and tutuHa are one in their
own, but they stand out with their very sexy items.

Anyway - now onto my lovely readers!
What are your favourite sub-styles of Gal? Write them in the comments

Friday, 14 October 2011

A big apology + Gal meet!

My lovely readers,

I hope you accept this apology of not blogging.
I have no excuse apart from I guess, of just 
concentrating on going to the gym. 

I've been trying to improve myself for the upcoming
MCM Expo, and I haven't put in the effort I wanted to here.

I lost a follower today, which makes me sad, only one person
but it gave me a kick up the backside to start again! 

I will post today/tonight when I am at my bf's house. 


And if you are able, please come along and visit P.M and/or
myself at Expo~!

Friday, 7 October 2011


Evening All!
I really give you great Kudos for waiting out on me!!
Here it is for your viewing pleasure~

(Recorded with iPhone4 inner camera, sorry for no talking either!
Hair and Makeup tutorials will be recorded with my new HD webcam)


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Super-fun Saturday!!

I was going to upload this from my phone
then realised I can't position the pictures...


Saturday was cool, I made a little meet-up thing that gave tips
to people interested in Gyaru and/or just improving their makeup skills!

Unfortunately I will have to get the final results of the makeovers I did
from my friend's camera as the iphone pictures I took were pretty awful...

After a few hours of contouring and eyelash-applying (lulz) we went to the 
Vietnamese restraunt, "Pho" in the South Lanes for some dinner
As Doudou and I hadn't eaten all day - BOO.

Had some awesome chilli noodle soup dish with some of the best
Beer I've tasted! 

No pictures of the food, 
but here are some of us all after dinner at the train station!
Doudou, me (shortest one there...), Wing & Memz

My outfit for the day! It was roughly 24c outside so I wanted to be cool!
Dress: Tralala
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Peacocks


Also found a full picture of my outfit from tuesday!
Jumper: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Tralala
Tights: River Island
Shoes: Ank Rouge
Necklace: Chocomint

...I'm wearing Liz Lisa items too often I think.. but, they are so COMFY...
Just adding sound to my eyebrow tutorial, had some problems with it
but should be up shortly! xxx