Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sakurina Monochrome Makeup Tutorial (adapting Japanese makeup to western eyes)

Afternoon Readers

I have a makeup tutorial for you today!

(I am gonna apologise for these slightly low-quality pictures
but they were taken with the inside camera of my iPhone
mostly so I could see how much of a fool I looked like.)

I will show you one way here, of adapting Japanese makeup 
onto Western Eyeshapes so it will still look like in the pictures.

So let's get on with it! 

First, choose what makeup you want to do
I am doing this cute monochrome look by Sakurina
Now, Sakurina aims for a Almond-shaped eye usually with her
eye makeup-drop, which in general is the desired Western shape. 
Therefore, it's very easy to adapt to Western eyes! 

Choose your lashes after evaluating the picture
mmm, I left the glue on. lol. Please carefully remove
any extra glue on your lash rim before putting them on your eyes.
My top lashes I am using Jewrich's P-2 megumi lashes
and on bottom two pairs of Diamond Lash: Charming & Baby eye.

Apply base makeup, and contour your face
me, without my eyes 'did. To complete the look,
i've drawn on flatter eyebrows than normal.
Sakurina highlights around her eyes, and in a curving T-shape
from her forehead down her nose. I used 
Shu Uemura's 'Face Powder Sheer' in 'Pearl'.
My normal Powder is 'Love & Peace' powder in Natural Matte beige #2

Now, For the eyeshadow
I'm using that Claire's Accessories Jill Stuart rip-off!

place a medium silver/metal tone all over your eye 
and a little in the inner corner underneath, too.
(If you have a rounded or unusually high eyebrow, please
stop the colour where your nose finishes at the top.)
Draw two curved lines until they meet at the edge in the black colour
like shown, then gradually, add a little more colour and bring it across
a little over 1/2 of your eye.

blend up into your crease to create a slight "hooded" effect.
To find your crease, open your eye slightly, then with your 
brush or sponge-tip, push gently just under your brow-bone
and follow that curved line! Blend as needed

It should all look like this
I look realllllyyy weird. I apologise! XD

Eyeliner is next for the top lid
To make this easier, draw a curved line about 2-3mm thick
until it just curves down slightly past your lower lid.
Make sure the line DOESN'T start at the very inner corner
of your eye, but just above where your whites start as shown.

Bottom Eyeshadow
Then starting from the inner corner of your bottom lid,
with an angled tip/brush, draw a 5mm thick shadow-line
that curves down to reach the end of that eyeliner extension.
You should have a MINIMAL GAP. between the shadow and your eye.
Unless you have a completely rounded eye-shape, this is crucial! 

Then without making the outer corners meet
draw a thin eyeliner line on the bottom as shown. You can always zoom in 
on this picture! 

Your eyes should look a little strange at the moment, but trust me, it will
work once the lashes are on!

Add a coat of mascara to the TOP lashes, then...
put on your lashes! Top ones on first, making sure
they follow the eyeliner from it's starting point and curving down.
Bottom ones for this makeup, should follow the bottom eyeliner,
but not be put so far out to the edge! Put them a little closer towards
your tear ducts.

Then go on the second pair for effect!
I've popped mine on with tweezers as it got a little tricky,
but place these at the ends, underneath the other bottom pair!
so it should make the outer corner of the other lashes a little more
dense and to spice it up a bit!

Then add finishing touches you think you are missing
I added a little more eyeliner to the inner corner of my top lid
to co-inside with Sakurina's makeup, and unfortunately I deleted the picture
but I added a little upwards "flick" of eyeliner on the outer lower lash. 
Shit, I wish I kept it, it showed the makeup really well from the side.... :( 

See how the makeup keeps Sakurina's shape, without losing the shape 
or looking too large on a western eye. 

For more info about eyeshapes click here


  1. fabulous make up look! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Oooh thanks so much for this! ^^