Monday, 20 August 2012

Bitthday Weekend!

Hey everyone~!

This weekend just gone was my birthday, so I made sure to party hard and have as much fun as possible while I am in Japan.

On the saturday (my actual birthday), My roommate Ksara and I went out for the evening, starting with winning a few Alpacas and then going for dinner at Christon Cafe in Shinjuku.

It's so beautiful in there, I have only ever been to the Shibuya one before, but the atmosphere here is so much better.

 I ordered a cocktail called "Rose Addict" which was delicious, but it arrived GLOWING. How cool is that? Also it had real miniture roses as a garnish on top with scattered petals.

lol everything glows when you drink from it. XD

 We ordered this Rice Cake + Mentaiko pizza which was yummy, as well as some sausages. We weren't that hungry~

Then we wandered off down Sakura-dori to find "Bunny" - a host club that we saw being opened last week, the owner Hiiragi Nagisa is very famous - he models for Men's Spider as well as owning 3 host clubs (and he's the same age as jealous)
^ This is Nagisa

Below are two of the hosts' cards they gave us. The white one is from Ksara's favourite that night, Kou.

We spent a good 2 hours in there and by that time it was nearly time for the last train to get home. But I wasn't tired so I went clubbing in Atom by myself XD
It's really shit that you can't take photos there but it was all good, stayed out until the first train home - yaaay.

On Sunday night I met up with one of my friends Kiyoto for some drinks, but when it was getting to last order, he surprised me with the staff coming out with birthday cake and some flowers!! I was super-shocked as I haven't known him for that long it was so nice!
it had a sparkler in it lol


After that we went to an arcade and then I came home again. I am so tired now but I really enjoyed the weekend thoroughly. (^O^)
On a side note, Ksara went to FamilyMart and bought me some Hatsune Miku "negi-pan". So tasty but it looks super-phallic... (^-^;;)

Ciao for now xoxo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Eating Out....


I have collected a fair few pictures of yummy treats that i've tried so far in Tokyo, and I want to share them with you~

I'm totally going to turn into a Food blogger at this rate. lol.

One word: GODIVA. I freaking love these Chocolixirs, on the left is white chocolate & coconut, and on the right dark chocolate~

Also, Pokemon soup. Gotta eat them all....

Go*Go*Curry house is awesome. Everything is named after like Flight packages this was "premier class" curry lol.

Awesome view down the side of Shibuya 109, sitting in a cafe

Eating delicious Matcha & Adzuki parfait!

My friend had Strawberry parfait

I know you're not supposed to, but with my sneaky no-sound iphone camera, I took photos of our food in MaiDreamin...
Cat Omurice!
 Cat Parfait
 Mille-crepe! ... with a Snowman?....

Well that's the first installment, i will be back with more soon for y'all....

ciao xoxo

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hello my lovely, lovely readers!!!

I have exciting news for you all today -


So, I used ""'s number randomizer again and it gave me:

And who's comment was this??



So many congraluations to you!
I will send the parcel out this week and upload photos and/or a link to her with the giveaway.

I really hope you enjoy it and thank you to everyone who entered and waited!

I will be doing little contests from now on as I have Gyaru items at my finger-tips here in Tokyo.

Please keep reading and have a wonderful day!