Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Awesome Retro-Gal finds at Lipsy

Look at these lovelies! 
I was wandering around my mall the other day,
and came across Lipsy's new autumn line-up.

only £35!
I think it goes perfectly with this skirt too

Which is again, £35. 

Other cute tops from Lipsy
This is another fave of mine at the moment, at only £28.

Also - I just HAVE to show you their new bags!! omgggg 
All of them are really glamorous, so here is the link!

Enjoy~! xoxo


  1. They really look like items a gal brand would release this fall, super awesome. Wish I lived in England just so I could get them xD

  2. lol if needs be, I am always here if you need a little UK shopping forwarder x
    But I was so nicely surprised! I might get them...

  3. hehe. I bought a lipsy bracelet a couple months ago, love the top in this post. :)

  4. I like the leopard top :3

    I've never actually set foot in Lipsy, it always looks like it'll be expensive and scary D: