Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sunburn and Recent Gets

Hey everyone~!
A few days ago, the lovely Katie posted about NYX Creme Glitter shadows.
I knew about the brand but was excited that it was available in the UK!
You can order from their English Website or by going into your local
Urban Outfitters store. I was hanging out with one of my best friends Popi
on Tuesday and we bought this lovely tanning moisturiser from Dove.
I am using it along with my regular tanning and already it's really proving
to be awesome. And it doesn't smell bad either! we got the darker skinned
one as it shows up more. :)

Popi kindly bought the NYX glitter for me as a little present, and lunch!
I'm so lucky :O Urban Outfitters had them on sale at £4 each so it was awesome!
I will be sure to buy more of their products in Japan.
Speaking of which, it's only just hit me that it is NEXT WEEK. (Well, Monday 11th,
but I go to LFCC next weekend and Tokyobookstore isn't sleeping on the Sunday)
If you are going to LFCC, please come along to our stall and say hello! We
sell Doujinshi and sex toys, lol.

On Monday I was hanging out with some of my Japanese friends on
the beach, and even though we all had fun, nearly everyone got sunburn.
mine is really raw - probably because I made the stupid mistake of
going on a sunbed in the morning..... >_>; I hope it doesn't come back to
haunt me! In any case, here is a photo of the gang~
Also my outfit and makeup for Monday⇊☠♥☠
I went with Sakurina's heavy makeup in July's Ageha. 
This is probably the outfit I am going to wear on the plane too!

Oh another picture from Tuesday - Popi got her Tattoo Coloured!
It's of her lovely Tarantula 'Sparkle' who passed away :(
That's all folks~ see you all soon! :D

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  1. Oh I didn't know you were going so soon! Have a lovely time and don't try to buy the whole 109 ;)

    Popi's tattoo looks so pretty <3 I don't think I have ever seen such a pretty arachnid X3