Monday, 20 June 2011

too late to class "beauty sleep"

I am up because I have spent a few hours looking for physical shops that sell cosmetic contact lenses in Tokyo.
I know, I know - there are loads, but I just wanted to whittle down some of them to how much stock they carry etc. 
Thrilling, eh? 

I also did a little estimate quote on getting a full Mori-Nail set at either Carry or Crea...I did not like the £145-180 price tag whatsoever. If I was earning in Yen then maybe that 13,000-22,000 円 wouldn't be so much. 

So, I've decided to get them done at Chou Chou Nails again, Tina is lovely and will make it an art piece, lol. 
I'm going with a MA*RS theme as their colours are very lovely, and it should match (most) of my purchases on holiday. I am estimating a £80 price tag, which isn't that bad. I will try to provide as many stones etc as possible to cut costs. haha aahrrhhh i am cheap. ;__; But at the moment, I have to be. 

Tanning tomorrow when I wake up!! I can't wait. 


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