Monday, 27 June 2011

My "Wishlist" for Tokyo

Evening everyone~
So lovely and warm today, I am sad I didn't get out that much.
I want to show you guys the main things I want when I go to Tokyo 
in two weeks. But before that, I got this amazing icecream today!
IT LOOKS SO COOL. (and tastes good too)

Anyway, On to the items. This is obviously for the 1 or 2 people 
who want to know what I like style-wise. 
I like to think of myself as a British Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.
But then again, I probably couldn't get into Harvard. U_U

I love Barbie. I used to collect a fuck-tonne of them as a child
and now that I have lost most of the excess-weight I have I want to
dress like her. 

So here are my Barbie-esque pieces that I seriously am in love with...
The brands are MA*RS (Surprise, Surprise!), GOLDS∞, Albina, XOXO & d.i.a

I refuse to believe these are sold out. ;__;

I adore this skirt/shorts so much 8D 

Sorry for making you scroll so much, but I hope that some of you
may like some of the items I picked! I really want another bag,
and need a few more pairs of shoes, so I will hunt around!

Not a gyaru brand, but I am so glad these are still available! 
Cross&Crown sandals in Enamel black by Alice and the Pirates!
They are so sexy.

Have a good night everyone, and please link me to any awesome bags
you've seen around! ;P


  1. Some great things there *___* I WANT MOST OF THESE THINGS XD -dies- I hope you manage to get most of it <3

  2. Omg, so cute & sexy from my favorite brands! and the last ones too *0* <3 i want them all . . .

  3. Luuurve your items on your wish list! You've got a really good taste :D <3

  4. Finally some birthday ideas ^^

  5. Thank you everyone~ I am glad you like the items! So glad as well people share my likes~ :3

    @Alex - omggggg but please also i will be fine with little sanrio bits you dont need to get me much xxxx <33