Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nail Appointments, Jobs & Japan

Evening all~

So yesterday I had a really adventurous day! 
I went into Brighton, Had a successful job interview, booked my nail appointment,
went for a tan and put up items for sale! 

For my set of nails, I am getting a MA*RS themed set! 


Of course I will post about it. There is no doubting that at all lol.

Tanning went well, I am going to buy a pack of minutes to use up before Japan in 3 weeks
I already tanned a little! *0* super rare for me, I haven't tanned in a good 5 years!
But thanks to my "Hey, Gorgeous" accelerator by SynergyTan
this is finally changing *tears of joy*

.....(this also means i need to change my makeup completely....oh.)

Right, so the big thing coming up is my July trip to Japan.
I have been in a pickle for this trip as I got fired from a job 
so I am trying to sell everything bar my soul to get money,
and working as a waitress (only for 1 day a week though.. sigh)

Well - If I super-doll-up on saturday, which also happens to be
"International Gyaru Day", maybe I will earn more tips than usual! hooray!!

Getting my hair done tomorrow! I will blog to show you~ xo


  1. Damn girl, losing your job when you need the money sucks ass. I have a team leader at work that is chatting shit to try and get me fired... sigh. I hope things go well for you!

    Also can't wait to see your nails~

  2. It does, best thing about it was that "there was no reason, I just wasn't right there" bull. argh!
    But woah, that is awful, have you spoken to your Manager about it?? D: I hope they go well for you too lovely!

    4th July they get done so soon!!! 8D