Thursday, 23 June 2011

Straight Perm and late-night update

Sorry to harass your feeds again, 
but I just wanted to do a little outfit post
and a picture of my straight perm. As I just realised I haven't posted
pictures of myself yet in a post!

Suppin~! But it's pretty straight, no? 
Sorry I look like a Child without makeup on XD

My warm, casual outfit for yesterday~!
Socks and Cardigan bought by My Alex

Silly Face!! Some light makeup in an adapted "Himena Osaki"- style.
A strange photo, but never mind :'D 

Just am keeping on praying that my hair will stay straight in humid Tokyo!


  1. Looking lovely as always! :D
    I remember the dreaded humidity! Best of luck with that hehe

  2. Your hair looks so long when it's straight! Hope it will be ok in Tokyo. I'm still so envious of your makeup skills! Please teach me sometime m(__)m

  3. @Sami - Awh sanQ! I just didn't bother straightening anything last summer I went. It's rediculous lol.

    @Sapphira: It does~ extensions will make it better as I have to re-cut in my layers again. RSTZRITPOI nooooo, they really are only applied when I cosplay 'Zuka haha!! But I will if you'd like - you are a beautiful canvas for makeup! <3 <3 <3

  4. I love your IPhone ! LOL
    But I also love your eye makeup ! Its really pretty !
    I love your blog ! I follow ! :3