Thursday, 16 June 2011


Morning Internet!

Right so, I thought it would be nice to update today~
Alex has gone to work, and so I am at his house...

I did Alice's nails on Tuesday!
They are only the 2nd full set I've completed, so I was
very happy with the results! \(^w^)/
 But of course I need to improve, still.
Please give your thoughts on them! m(^♥ᴥ♥^)m

Apart from that, Japan is in 3 weeks! (which I am happy for)
X_X; but I still don't have a regular job, Which sucks.
I honestly hope I have this fantastic stroke of luck,
so I can have a good amount of spending money. 
I'm aiming for £1k, which to some may seem like a lot,
but tbh, the 円>£ ratio isn't in our favour at the moment,
and I have sold a hell of a lot to be able to go. 
Just need that miracle!! D:

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