Friday, 1 July 2011

Sanrio, Room Wear + Blogging in Japan

It's Emilie again lol well who else?

I wanted to share with you guys some Sanrio things of this year 
I have had my eye on! 
My favourite Sanrio character (or duo, actually)
is "Little Twin Stars" or "KikiRara" as they are also known. 
I love the shades, and their angelic presence they give. 

Kiki is the Blue-haired boy, and Lala is the Pink-haired girl.
Aren't they adorable?

I collect loads of their stickers and stationary,
but here are a few more items that I fancy purchasing!
Deco tape! So useful for when I sell things or for pressies.

A lovely little photo album - i've been needing a new one, I will 
see how practical the pages are, but it will be great for the Checki
I have and purikura etc. ^^

My contact case recently smashed ;__; So I have been
looking for a cute new one - this fits the bill!! I might 
get another cheap one to use as a back up, but this is so useful
with its little solution bottle!

one AWESOME calculator. Might get it. I would only need it for
conventions and perhaps other bits of pricing but still....

The next two items are not Little Twin Stars but omg. One of the coolest things EVER.
Oh yeaaahhh - Hello Kitty pink Kettle.
They also make a Toaster, Toaster-Oven and Coffee Percolator!

This bag is bright and amazing. Such a good size and value too!

Right. So the other thing I really want is a nice roomwear set.
As it's summer, Japan and here sometimes in the UK gets quite hot,
and normal PJs just wont cut it. Apart from SBY's stuff,
have you guys seen some nice sets you could recommend?

When I am in Japan, I might blog a few times. Just about what's going on
and to reveal the little surprise I have for you all~ (i'm so proud
that I have 24 followers in such a short space of time! *sniff sniff*)
I might even post links on here to the Vlogs that Alex and I will be 
doing for Tokyo Book Store and the general "Gaijin Gyaru Holiday" thing.

Infact, I want to give him a big shout-out as he needs more blog love!
Please take a look at his blog, support his endeavours by following him!
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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I awarded you for the "One Lovely Blog" Award.
    I just love reading your Blog♥


  2. wow i never would expect this!! thank you so much!! O_O I love reading you blog as well! <3 xoxo