Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new Blog!
I am going to try my hardest to actually keep this going regularly.
I have kinda failed in the past with that so here's to this one!

Right, now onto some cool topic which I always find interesting:
Western companies copying Eastern ones

So most of you reading this will know of, or like the designer
I really love some of her clothes and ADORE the packaging
and actual make-up products that she produces. But I've
always been torn at the price; As I earn my wages in GBP,
An eyeshadow palette of hers will cost more than Chanel charge
so at around £50 a pop, there's no doubt in saying i've been
reluctant on purchasing her goods. 

But, to my surprise as I was moseying around town with Alice
yesterday.... I came across this delightful treasure in 
Claire's Accessories:

.... It's basically a direct rip-off of Jill Stuart's "Illuminance Eyes" 
Shadow Quad she produces. 
The only difference is that to make it the humble £5 I paid at Claire's
there is no double mirror on the inside of the lid and the pattern on top is 
slightly different. Even the applicator is freakishly similar!

Anyway. Grab this at Claire's Accessories while you can, 
They have it in two shades. The purple one I got and a pink version 
(which is actually one of the colour-combos from J.S!).


  1. Omg I love the packaging/casing of Jill Stuart make-up, I think its amazing. Going to tryout these eyeshadows :P Thanx for this post xx

  2. It's cute, isn't it! I really love her delicate/feminine packaging. But the price is usually way too high =_=; xx