Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I'm back and recovered from the weekend, folks!

And let me tell you, it was a very jam-packed one at that!
I got up at 5:30 friday morning and packed the last few bits before heading up to the Excel centre in London.

After helping set up Tokyobookstore & sushinoms, I got changed and applied makeup for our team's School theme!!
I took some photos that evening in the hotel bathroom (again)
I tried the new trending eyemakeup where you leave the outer edges separate. 
But I am sure on how it looks on foreigners... hmmmm :S

After chilling with Alex that night, watching very, very awful TV and eating pizza, I didn't get a decent sleep but THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WICKED - and so up I was again at 6am to get ready in my first "proper" cosplay of the weekend.
As "Nakuru" from Mayo Chiki. It's one of my favourite anime and manga, and I love this character! It's alllllmooossttt great, just I couldn't find the correct colourway for the dress, as I had to buy it. 
With The lovely Rosanna and Alex.

I FINALLY met Emilia for the first time! Here I am with Charlie also, cosplaying Lightning. It's such a shame I wasn't in Gal! D:
AND OH MY LUCKY STARS - A LEELOO COSPLAYER!!!! I have always, AAALLWAAYYSS wanted to see 5th Element cosplay, and have never in my life seen it done. So I was grinning with pure happiness here haha. 
(One day I will do a Floston Paradise air hostess cosplay)


Onto Sunday~ 
After partying at Japan Underground saturday night, we headed back a little early so we could get ready for the long day ahead. 
I had to get up to do my prosthetics and makeup for Amber Sweet from Repo!The Genetic Opera.
Alex took some shots in the morning when my feet were not in pain from the really high stilettos...
I am super-pleased with how this turned out this time round. I did it two years ago, and comparing photos I can see where I have lost weight, and how I have improved the costume itself!


FOUND AMAZING ICE KING & QUEEN COSPLAYS!!! (Mr. Bread case got in the way of the shot at the bottom....)

I am really glad I can help out working at Expo and even though it was stressful - we all had so much fun! YAAY!


  1. omg that second look is super sexy holy crap O___O

  2. Wow! : D The uniform is so cute~ The event looks so fun!

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  4. You look wonderful in both outfits!!
    Love your eyemake!!

  5. I just watched GG awards and waa I love your eyemakeups so much ;__; and I think you are so pretty!! I want to be able to make such cute makeups someday :3

  6. Repo! I forgot about that movie! Your cosplay came out so good!

  7. I love all your costumes, I wish I had them all ^_^