Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day trip + LM.C Live

Just a quick update before this weekend's MCM Expo! 

Yesterday I travelled up to London with Finlay, Dom, Alex, Dodo + Chriss to have a lovely little day out and then to see LM.C in the evening!

It was soooo nice and hot outside so I wore my tutuHA outfit:

I've been going tanning a lot - am I getting darker? I think I am slowly lol

Alex wanted to join in on the fun...

We took a few purikura and this was my favourite one of us all

Also got to go to Cinnabon for the first time ever! This was outrageously amazing. All warm and delicious!

After some ice cream as well at Chin Chin labs in Camden, we all headed to Fin's house to freshen up and take this 'family' photo haha.

Also I got this new gets from 'sushi noms' last week - I will also be cosplaying Nakuru on saturday at MCM Expo (which I of course will blog about!) Any other Mayo Chiki fans on here??



  1. Awh you look amazing! Love your outfit <3

  2. Lucky!!!
    LM.C are so amazing!!^^


  3. You're so sexy!!

    Love your outfit and style!

  4. Your tan looks so nice! I love the tutuha outfit!

  5. You saw LM.C live? OMG LET ME LOVE YOUUUU T____T;