Tuesday, 1 November 2011

AV Gyaru @ MCM Expo?!

Hey readers,
I got my weekend coverage for you with a good few shots!

So as I may have mentioned, I was working all of Expo this
past weekend for TokyoBookstore.com .
I was to be their "booth girl" as always :P

So on Friday morning, I got up super-early and after making sure
my new tan was okay, and curling my hair - I caught the train to London.

Friday I dressed like an AV Nurse! I saw a couple DVDs and really wanted
to use my MA*RS stuff and go OTT on it.
my result:

This was "my" half of the stalls, selling all the sex toys, badges and manning the Raffle.
(Looking at that picture of Moka - I really wish I had her boobs...)
I also ended up in this outfit on Sunday, but It didn't look as great :(

The Friday was pretty quiet for a convention, so that's why there were lots of photos taken.
Saturday was waaaaaaay busy though. I wore something a little more practical but still sexy.

I had seen these pictures

And found that someone was selling the same tutuHA top - so I jumped that sale and bought it.
Alex had ripped and distressed a pair of shorts I bought & lent me his gold Diavlo belt,
which was very nice of him,
and then I wore it with these huge-ass platforms that eventually just hurt. haha!
myself with my other lovely friend named Alex,
With Steve as Rinzler (lol I gave up on wearing shoes at this point!)
lastly, just a mirror-shot in our hotel.

Over-all, it was a really fun, but super-tiring event to work at this time round.
I am really glad my work everyday at the gym had started to pay off, so I am
happy with these pictures now <3

Still looking to be my perfect measurements by Xmas of:
84-58-88cm so not really that long to go. I'm not going by weight this time,
as some muscle is a good thing. As long as I don't end up looking like
a right Powerhouse.

Two things I've learnt with this dark tan, is that I shouldn't highlight my nose,
as it looks huge! and the other being that my eyebrow powder wasn't dark enough LOL.

Tell me what you girlies & guys think, and I will improve as much as I can.


  1. I am so sad I didn't get to see it in real life :'( but in the photos you look soooooooo av gyaru it's unreal! Alex is a lucky guy ;) <3 x promise me we shall all see each other soon! <3 xxxx

  2. @Tobi: aww baby, we can see each other soon~ I was working very hard, which is why I usually go to expo, so don't feel sad! But I really appreciate the compliment thank you <3 <3 xx

  3. haha super sexy! ^__^ such cute photos! :D <3

  4. Boob grab in last picture muahaha
    You look freaking AWESOME and you totally suit your tan, really jealous :O :O

  5. Wow! You look amazing~!! ♥♥

  6. You're sooo sexy yet cute at the same time! ( ̄▽ ̄) I'm so jealous! And your boobies look great too ;D xx

  7. This is still kinda new to me with the whole AV gyaru and I am amused ^__^ You are so gorgeous ur tan so sun kissed i have to say lol and the expo looked fun I wish they had those around where i live xp
    and just loving the nurse gyaru u posted its sexxyyy (:

  8. @Rivriv: haha thank you~ <3 btw you are getting sexier by the day hun!

    @Sami: rofl well i juuuzz HAD to. jussayin. and i am really pleased it does also, I was so worried lol

    @Caylee: awwww thanks! <3 <3

    @Emi: lol don't be!!! I wanna look as adorable and sexy as you! I will get some dosh together and come to visit you in the near future btw <3 then we can be boobie-buddies ;p xxx

    @S.Cupcakes: haha it's just that I love more heavier styles of Gal, and AV gal is really my main update on how they dress. Unless I set up hidden cameras around Japan XD it's just frustrating the styles aren't in magazines. we have to hunt down blogs etc for it ;__;
    where are you based? I am sure there is something! xxx

  9. You look, well, hot!~ x3
    I don't think I've seen anyone dressing as an 'AV gal' on purpose, but it certainly suits you!

  10. That tan looks amazing on you.

  11. @Pony: XDDD well, unless it's their profession, but lol yeah I know what you mean! But thank you! I just love Barbie-ish/Glamorous things~

    @Anon: Thankyou luvvie! I am de-tanning at the moment, will go dark again very soon. :)

  12. You look awesome! You did a great job as AV Gyaru! ^^

  13. well i live in the us,pennsylvania in a small town where i really dont think i have seen any gyarus :/

  14. What tan are you using? It looks really flawless!

  15. Hey~! It's the Sienna X Extra Dark version :)
    A bit more red based than I wanted it but yeah it came out with no patches or anything! <3

  16. I know this is an old post but I had to comment because I went gyaru at the Midlands MCM Expo (even fake-tanned for the first time ever!) and kept my eyes peeled for any other gals and didn't see any! ;P I love love love the second outfit, TutuHA is really cool. X3 You have the right kind of face to pull of an AV look, haha.

    How did you end up working at the MCM expos? Do you work for one particular shop, and do they send you to all of the cons or just MCM ones / ones which are local to you? :)

    1. Heya~ No no I am glad you posted on here, It's my most-read post but no one comments ;__; lol

      Oh awesome! Well, I know Tokyobookstore were there at Midlands I was working my day job last weekend so I couldn't go! I work there because it's my boyfriend's company! He runs it with his brother. I go to most of them though~ I will be at the May london one again; we're having themed days but I will be Gyaru in said outfits haha!!
      Thank you so much though that's a really lovely compliment! <3 If you are at May MCM then I would love to chat!!

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