Thursday, 17 May 2012

Emilie's beauty tips #1 (for face)

Okay so Today I will lay out what I do to improve my facial features!

First up, is for my teeth. I had 2 years of Orthodontistry in my early teens which I am trying not to repeat! So after experimenting with lip piercings, one of my teeth on the bottom row got pushed back and I really regret having facial piercings as my braces were very painful. T__T 

So back in November, you may remember I visited Erotica with Alex. We had our teeth whitened and since then, 3 times a week (usually) I have been brushing with...
Eucryl toothpowder
(picture taken from look-flyingmonkeys blog because mine turned out bad)

I have to say, this stuff REALLY works. My grandparents used to use this and 'Arm&Hammer' toothpowder but I don't think that brand makes powder any more. 
Instructions say just to use it ontop of normal brushing - and the results are really good. I recommend this highly if anyone wants to give it a go!
Remember to brush in a circular motion to avoid gum damage 8D

My next item, is an old favourite for nearly everything skin related

You can clearly see the uses for it on the front, and it works quite well for all of these things. 
Yesterday I burnt my face at the tanning salon, so when I got home, I rubbed some of this onto the burnt area and this morning it's reduced considerably! I will go on a bed tonight with a cloth over my face to be careful. 

I used to use it for spots, I think this works pretty well if you get random spots on your body from exercise or stress, on your face, it can work but repeated use without any other moisturiser can sometimes leave your face puffy and/or swollen in the morning and the skin dry. 
Make sure if you use this on your face, to keep to a regular skin routine with a moisturising lotion and toner after you remove your makeup each night. 
If you're purse is a little empty, Boots has a fantastic + cheap range here:

I use the Moisturising Lotion & Facial Toner in this range.
The scrub and mask in this range are also very refreshing! Also, my old manager at Starbucks used to use the eye gel at night, and it worked for him! Go and have a try of these!

All these products mentioned are well under £5 - so it won't break the bank to keep you looking beautiful!

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  1. Wow this is so helpful! ^^ I really wanna whiten my teeth a lil'~