Monday, 7 May 2012

Tanning + Pizza


So, last week + this weekend gone were pretty eventful, if I do say so myself.

Friday was 'Star Wars Day' which I had no idea about until Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers, casually WANDERED THROUGH MY OFFICE.... 

*le gasp*
(I love working here. lol.)

One of my collegues, Fran brought in Oreo Cupcakes that his gf had made. So I bought one. Totally worth it:
It was amazing. 

Friday night, Alex came round and we ordered some Domino's to celebrate. After some Rekorderlig I decided to take a seductive pizza-eating photo...
lovely Anchovy, Tuna pizza with sun-dried tomatoes~ <3 

In the morning of Friday, I also went tanning at my new tanning salon, 'Sun Chic'. 
It's good because they have very new, high-tech machines, and I have to walk 30 mins to get there which will make me tan more! 
I like this stand-up one because it has a radio in it! how cool is that?

I am using this tanning lotion, 'Dark Start' from Power Tan , which seems to have worked this week, lets hope I go really dark brown!

 On Saturday, I went to visit my brother(from another mother) and we went to have lunch at this Japanese restaurant, E-kagen. It was wonderful food and they even had Unagi sushi! so delicious!
I haven't posted pictures of anyone yet just in case they didn't want anything up on here!

I also dyed Alex's hair Blonde, in preparation for his Silver/Grey hair in a few weeks.
Doesn't he look so nice?? 
I took this photo of us too:

That day I went for 'Imouto-kei'. With cute clothing style and some of my hair in a hair-band. haha. 

We also went to dinner at this amazing place called 'Foodilic'.
It's a super-healthy all-you-can-eat where there are a few meat main courses, and everything else is Veggie-friendly!

Obviously, we had all the veggies! it's only £6.45 for the food with drinks priced separately!
(I am not a pig, Alex had 3 plates! ^_^; lol)

Everyone's gone now, so I am left to my own devices

Thursday is upon us now! I wonder what this news will be?? <3


  1. Alex's hair looks amazing that colour.

    yay for tanning, i really wanna get a tan on and my gym does it for free but i wanna get toned up and stuff first so in a couple of months i will start

    but you are looking lovely my darling

  2. I can't get over how adorable you look in that picture!!! And Alex's hair really suits him!

    and youre so beautifulllll

  4. that looks like a lot of fun!!
    The food looks really nice also.

    btw,I'm having a giveaway event if anyone wants to join >_<