Monday, 27 February 2012

Hyper Japan + New Zebra Nails (Pic heavy!!)

I did my nails on Friday, going for 
a 'Misfits' theme from "Jem & the Holograms"! (Any Jem fans on here?!)
After a greuling 4 hours, they were finished 
and this is what they turned out like!

I rushed off to Alex's house as we had to be up really early
the next day to London. 
We'd been invited to model for 'Hyper Japan' - A J-culture
event in London this weekend just gone. My friend Tania
was holding a Street Fashion show, so we were showcasing Gyaru!

We woke up at 5am (T___T) and quickly packed, making our way
to London for 8:30am with the other models at Earls Court. 
Our friends Doudou and Chriss were there -YAY- and we were the
only girls wearing sunglasses because we had no makeup on. lol.
Chriss and I

Doudou & Alex
After a quick stage rehearsal, we found the changing room and 
managed to get Alex into the girl's one, pretending he was gay
so we could all help each other with our hair and makeup!!
(there wasn't a mirror in the boy's changing room which was stupid.)

When we were all finished, we took lovely pictures~ 

(We clean up pretty good lol)

We also got free lunch which was awesome! 
Salmon bentous for everyone~ which we ate outside.

Finally it was time for the show, I have to admit, I was slightly
shaky because I hadn't been on stage in ages. >_<; 
Here are a few pictures of us both on stage~ 

(;A; my thighs, God damnit)

I was wearing a dress from 'Redial Luxury' with Angel wings on 
the back, Leg Warmers from Golds Infinity, and Sandals from 
River Island. Accessories were from H&M, Lipsy & River Island.

Alex was wearing his new jacket from Virgin Blak, Tshirt from
Diavlo, Jeans from Vice Fairy with accessories from Diavlo &
Justin Davis. Boots were vintage!

Misc Photos/Dicking around

tutuHA love~! <3

We both got interviewed by several people after the show O_O
which was awesome, the main interview being from Marie Claire!
so I hope that we get published as quite a few of us were talking
with them. I will keep a look out!

I also want to say that this is my new favourite makeup style.
I never have liked Green or Blue eyeshadow, but it really works
for Tsuyome, and I love how it makes my eyes really stand out as well!
I will be doing a tutorial soon on this also, for anyone interested.

(I also had a request for Miyashita Tsubasa/Mao's makeup,
so that will come along in the near future also!)


  1. Saturday was so fun 8D And you looked fucking hawwwt ♥

    1. 8D agreeeeed soooo much fun!♥
      no, YOU - my god i loved your accessories, and you rocking out with your gold lollipop = hot damn you're so GANGSTA lol

  2. Waaa this is so awesome Im even more gutted I couldnt go now haha
    You all look great and your make up is FAB
    Do Criss and Do have blogs? I wish to lurk their awesomeness :) :)

    Also love the nails, I vaugely remember Jem
    The band Freezepop covered the theme and I listen to that a lot :P hehe

    1. Chriss and Dou dooooo have blogs!
      Chriss: &


      Omg Freezepop! I forgot about them!! And come along to an event soon cutie!! <3

  3. OMG those nails<3 - Hahahah Jem and the Holograms was my fav. when I was a child.. Must listen to the songs now! *A*

    You all look absolutely stunning! You sexy girl! ~ Love your makeup<3

    1. I am on a Jem-binge now too! *_* yaay! <3
      Same, along with The Racoons and Dr. Zitbag's Transylvanian Petshop HAHA!!

      Thank you though honey!! Want to look as beautiful as you one day! ;w; <3 <3

  4. You look amazing! And I looove your nails <3

    1. Thankies Rox!! Yay I am glad you love them! They took forever lol. <3

  5. What foundation/bronzer do you wear? it looks lovely!! xx

    1. There I was using a mis of Revlon's Colourstay in Natural Tan + Maybeline's Dream Satin Liquid in Fawn. I usually use just the Revlon one when I am darker! :) Thank you though! For a bronzer, i recommend Superdrug's SOLAIT bronzer in Deep Bronze ^_^ xx

  6. Your thighs are sexy! You look really wonderful, I wish I could have been there on Saturday.

    1. I asked after you on Saturday but Tania said you were there on Sunday? I was soo sad to have missed you! I am back in London soon though, we should meet up if you are still there? xx

  7. Wow that make up really does wonders for you!! I love it so much to be honest but I've been having the toughest time trying to do it to myself with the lashes I currently have. I really hope you get that tutorial up soon! Glad you guys had fun :D

    1. I will pop it up soon don't you worry! It will look gorgeous on you too! I think this look really works well on western eyes :D But yay we did have fun! Had to get rid of my heels in the late afternoon as they were killing me ;__;

  8. *In Love of the nails design *o* *
    Really cute pics!
    Kisses n.n

  9. Eeeek you look amazing! I just love love love your makeup~ What lashes are you wearing? I'm trying to find some new ones~ Was thinking of getting Angel Eye ^^
    Can't wait to see your tut! :D

    1. Hey babe! I am using Angel Eye on top (you should deffo try them!) and Sweet Eye on the bottom :D
      But yay thank you I'm glad! It will be up in a few weeks xx

  10. Yay! Thank you for representing the style so well, you looked stunning on and off stage :D
    I should do this more often, I think incorporating more styles in a fashion show is better in making Lolita more like a street style than a thing on its own to outsiders. :D

    xx Tania

    1. Well thank you so much for letting us do it! :D :D
      Aww thank you so much Tania, you looked oh-so beautiful in that dress AATP gave you, ethereal even!
      But I completely agree, from those looking from the outside, having a purely Lolita fashion show sometimes makes people think its only for dress up and that it is not worn outside?? But it worked out so lovely! xo

  11. Emilie, I absolutely love love love your nails - it's so fierce! You're looking stunning girl.

    1. thanks babe!! They are proving a little hard to type with on a non-laptop keyboard (lol) but i am enjoying them also! haha aaalllmoostt, just gotta slim down a bit more ;D

  12. Your gorgeous doll :)
    btw your nails are amazing lol

    1. glad you like them lol bit OTT eh? :)
      Thank you thoooo~