Friday, 2 March 2012

Gyaru & Sexuality rant (interesting read?)

I have been wanting to write about this for a while. So I hope some people will share my views, and that others will respect them and perhaps take part in a healthy debate? 

This 'taboo' really grinds me down an awful lot in the Western/gaijin community.
I feel a lot of people, especially in the new generation, dismiss the fact
that Gyaru originally was partly an expression of Sexuality, trying to get
away from the pressure of Japanese society in the early 90s (and still now!). 
This is one of the main reasons (apart from being so tanned) that Gyaru were 
classed as "dirty girls". 

I feel that because a lot of girls interested in 'girlier' fashion, who tend 
to lean towards dressing in Liz Lisa etc, are now dominant in the west, finding
it easier to intergrate items into all outfits from western spring/summer fashion.
This style of Gyaru, which is undeniably popular all over the Globe, is still
considered 'sexy' in Japan. Because still in a lot of rural and traditional areas
of Japan, even if you bare your shoulders or a little too much of here & there, 
you are considered a whore, and even if seen outside of work, can be fired from
your job just by reputation. 
Over in the West, due to the dominance of sexy fashion taking influence from the Adult
Industry, most of us wouldn't associate something so cute and girly directly with sex. 
Perhaps with looking younger, but because there are similar -but not quite "Gyaru"-
items in the Western fashion market, it's considered more the norm. 

I have nothing against Liz Lisa, or those who dress in it (I have a few items myself)
but the main reason I came back to Gyaru was due to me losing weight and feeling
that I could wear something a little sexier and express that side of me that was,
admittedly, suppressed when I was wearing Lolita. I am not attracted to Lolita in
any sexual way, it was purely for my love of Period Dramas and historic horror films.

So much to my surprise that when I fully started wearing Gyaru again, the newer Gyaru
that were in the community where on the whole more frilly and girly. Either because
they had migrated over from Lolita or that they just generally liked the style. I was a 
little thankful that elements of the older styles were still peeking through in 
Tsuyome <3 and cool styles being more prominant like Rokku-kei etc; which appeal to
me in general. 

Over this past year-and-a-bit we've seen another wave of change within Gyaru fashion trends.
Combining 'darker' items and themes, with club & gothic elements in tutuHA & Fernoopa;
breaking out of more of Japan's taboos with Mafia, Biker gangs and tatoos with OraOra-kei,
and obviously these styles are beomming more apparent and popular if they can have whole
magazines and publications on these sub-styles. 

I know a lot of these blog rants get flamed, and I obviously hope not to anger anyone,
but I do get fed up of people constantly being slut-shamed and put down for dressing
in d.i.a or wearing a super push-up bras and jokingly grabbing their tits etc. 
Fair enough that styles change, but lots of base elements of Gyaru are still prominant.

Perhaps at least in the girls' version of Egg, they have cut down on the sex-related articles
and funny comics. You still get them, but more so they appear in Ranzuki, and are still
ongoing in Men's Egg. Does anyone perhaps think that this is because they assume that girls
in Japan have been growing up with Gyaru and have read all the previous articles, or are 
aware of the 'reputation' associated with Gyaru?? 

In all honesty, I'm assuming a lot of people will think because I 'haven't been around 
for a long while' I would be ignorant. I apologise for perhaps thinking this, but 
I have been into and dressing Gyaru for a very long time. May not have ever been the best,
certainly not the slimmest, or the most popular bla bla bla, but I do take the things 
that I like with open arms, and for a lot of girls (and guys) to be this ignorant
and callous towards others is beyond me.

People go on about following a "Gyaru Lifestyle". It is possible, obviously the materialistic
items are a little more difficult to get hold of, but if you plan on following one be prepared
to accept & admire the roots, know your shit, to be surrounded by diet & fad-conscious girls, to get
hit on by pervs and to know how to defend yourself, to perhaps get shit jobs because of how
you dress and most importantly - learn to accept hate and just have fun with it all.

Readers. For the love of anything Holy....



  1. Can't disagree with anything here.


  3. Can't disagree either!
    I think many people dismiss this part of Gyaru.

    People just forget what is the idea of beeing a gal: have fun, be sexy and enjoy life!

  5. You speak the truth...surprised no one else has made a post similar to yours.

  6. I completely agree with you on this. I'd perhaps go as far as saying that gyaru has become one of the most conformative of all the sub cultures. Unfortunately that's what tends to happen when a style becomes more popular. It's quite sad that the fashion has moved so far away from it's own roots. I'm not really gyaru but I can definitely appreciate what the style stands to represent about female sexuality and empowerment, so keep doing your thaaang haha♥

  7. Totally agree!
    Yesterday I went out with my friend and got perved on by quite a few old guys :/ even though I only really wore my lashes and Otk socks with a dress. I guess because it was slightly different to what other girls were wearing so they were interested... Was kinda creepy though D: I wish I knew how to defend myself ;_;

  8. I really appreciate this blog post. I've been admiring and following Gyaru fashion for quite a while, so I have also witnessed the changes that have occurred. Thank you for bringing up such a touchy topic and possibly educating the masses <3

  9. As someone who has become more comfortable with myself as my interest in Gyaru grew, I love this rant and think you make great points.

  10. "GET WILD AND BE SEXY", lady I agree! For me gyaru is about being sexy and having fun! (of course you can also have fun with a cuter style). Nothing more to say here, I just agree with almost every word in your post.