Monday, 13 February 2012

GGA 2012?! + Valentines Weekend~!

I must apologise that I haven't been posting so often lately.
But I am so, SO pleased that you have stuck by me and there are even some new faces to be seen! *waves to all new followers*

So on Saturday, Ligyaru (Lhouraii) posted the nominees video for her 2nd GGAs (Gaijin Gyaru Awards) she set up last year. 

I really was shocked that I got nominated for "Best Overall Makeup" !! O_O; 
I keep trying my best at achieving the look a lot of Gals strive for, so I am really honoured for coming this far. 

So it would give me great pleasure if you could vote for me in that category when you are making your choices!

Also, after play-fighting in happiness
(Like this)
Alex was nominated in THREE categories! Lucky man! His ones are: "most unique blog", "Best Gyaruo hair" & "Gyaruo- Best use of accessories". If you agree on any of these things, you're more than welcome to go and vote for him too~!

Speaking of Alex, he surprised me really nicely this weekend when I went to his house after work on Friday. As we live roughly 2 hours from each other, we try to make each weekend spent special and worth while. (d'aw...bbllaaurughh ;D)
When I came into his room - there was a gigantic bunch of Freedom & Black Baccara roses with Pink Lillies & little blooms!!! |SRTO|IRTPO|SR (Can't you tell I love flowers?!) and lovely coloured tea lights dotted around~ *sigh*
Then for the weekend we ate junk food and watched a butt-tonne of films!
He also took me to Zizzi's on Saturday night for a lovely dinner between us two, but he only took pictures! ^^;

Happy voting for the GGAs and I would love to know if anyone has anything planned for Valentines tomorrow, or if they celebrated on the weekend - what did you do?!



  1. Yeah Yeah! COngrax for the nomination!!
    I looked for your blog for see you!! I agree with the nomination! Good luck!

    1. aww why thank you hun! Thank you for following me as well! *_* I really appreciate it <3

  2. Ohh congratz on the GGA! : D

  3. Congratz!!
    I saw the vdo and your makeup is really fabulous ^ ^

  4. Congrats!! And oh my, those flowers look lovely! How sweet of him!

    1. I really wasn't expecting it! it was so lovely!