Thursday, 16 February 2012

~Winter Lyme Regis Holiday~

I know that Alex has already posted his entry but I just wanted to cover it a bit and pop in a recommendation for the apartment we stayed in.

 the entry-way
 our lovely living room with awesome French windows
 awesome kitchen with confusing oven :(
our romantic bedroom connecting to the balcony!

When we looked at the apartments and at this particular one's specs, it seemed homely, but we were worried that we had to take the Macbook and attempt to rent a dongle for the internet etc.
It stated that it just had a VHS Player for entertainment, so we were really
Excited and surprised that when we arrived, it had TWO big LCD TVs with full Cable!!, a DVD & BluRay player,
And free internet!! Also the kitchen was pre-stocked with Tea & Coffee etc and cooking basics
Which was extremely useful.
To view and rent the property, click here:

During our trip we went to find fossils along the beach, which was a really nice adventure
Even though it was pretty cold and/or rainy.
 low tide

cut Amonites
I found these!! So proud even though they are not perfect.

 An Xmassy Amonite
 Pretty stairwell
 An Ichthyosaur

We also visited the Lyme Regis museum and an awesome Tea room which were both
Really interesting and lovely.

I cooked a few times during our stay, which was nice to do – like
My FIRST EVER Xmas dinner. We were a bit stumped on what to cook
As we are both Pesketarians; even though Lyme Regis is famous for it’s fish,
The Fish Mongers were closed around then.
So I made several dishes of Chilli & Garlic Prawns, Quorn bits in a Parsley Sauce,
Steamed & Honey-roasted veggies… lol oh and uh.. loads of rice…

The shops were decorated rather epically over the Holiday period.
Freaking fell in love with the Xmas Raptor!!

And all the stuff to do with Dinosaurs everywhere.
HAHAAAAAAAA~! Caveman Santa with his fleet of Dinosaurs!! XD

Alex took most of these pictures but he kindly let me use them <3

I’ve got some (hopefully) interesting entries coming up soon
So stay tuned~!

Emilie xoxo


  1. Wow! The room looks absolutely nice!

  2. AWWWWW... Adorable christmas-RAPTOR!! hahahaha
    The trip looks really nice at the photographs n.n
    And the apartment really complet o.o

    1. hahah he was soooo cool! XD
      Yeah I was so surprised at the apartment. Even down to guides on the area etc, it was really perfect o_o