Monday, 24 October 2011

Cat-walking and New Nails

Evening all!

This weekend was absolutely killer~ <3
I went to visit one of my good friends as we were
going to go walk her cats on the beach!!

This is "Sushi"...
and that's me walking "Spooky"!
I tried to get a better pic of her here:
But she moves around an awful lot haha. 

I also wanted to show you my outfit from last week!
I got a few new bits for winter and I love how comfy they all are!

On Sunday, I looked at the Autumn sales in Lipsy, and found
an awesome top!! Got it in a larger size so it was ruurrrl baggy
Paired it with my tutuha necklace, grey shorts + tights and then my new Primark booties.
I also did "Natsuhmi"'s makeup inm pink + Turquoise. It came out okay, but I look retarded
in the photos I took of it....

As you can probably see in the pictures there, I got a new nail set - FINALLY.
I really love them! Might make them a little more pointy for Expo though this weekend.
Done once again by the lovely Asaka.

Have a good Evening/Day and i'll write again soon <3


  1. Love your nails!
    They're are butterflies, right?~ <3

  2. Haha cat walking, thats crazy XD My cat laid on her side and wouldnt budge when I tried a harness on her

    Your outfits look great!
    as do your nails, I am itching for a new set I havent had any in over a year :(

  3. @Pony: yeah they are butterflies! I <3 them

    @Sami: that is exactly what my cat did, then I got him outside, and he jumped through a fence! ;__;
    Tasha's cats are House Cats so it was their outlet! OMG GURL get some soon~!!

    @Nana: yay thank you!

    @S.C: Aren't they? so soft too! :)