Wednesday, 16 November 2011

1st Anniversary celebrations



I only have these two photos for now, but I will get more from Alex later for a
secondary post - I JUST NEED TO BLOG.

(please excuse the horrid grainy iphone pictures...
I don't know what has happened to my camera on it.)

People entering the O2 arena....
Stage just before Rihanna came on!!! The show was sold out :O

...aannndd then I was too busy dancing to take more. 
Alex has more, because he has a really nice camera! 8D

Anyway, because my lover had to go to work, I went back to Brighton
pretty early the next morning.... which would be today...

I mosey'd around town and found this awesome skirt in 
Urband Outfitters in their winter sale for £15 reduced from £85 @_@
And immediately changed into it because I was freezing!
lol hole in my wall ^
I think it goes well with lots in my wardrobe so It's a good purchase. 
My wardrobe currently isn't that UK winter-friendly so this is great!

Awkward angle shot... got my nice little heater on so i'm all toasty...

And my mug-shot here ↓↓
I was brave today & went into town with no foundation on...
(mainly because I forgot base items) 
So I did my eyemake in the Mall toilets (lol) and just used
my face powder to make me less shiny. 
My skin is not too bad at the moment but I still can't get rid of my horrid
dark circles T^T

Anyway, more Rih-Rih coverage soon! <3 Ciaaaoooo


  1. I know what you mean about being too busy dancing to take pictures XD Though on monday it was more moshing for me at the Eastpak tour haha :D

    Happy Anniversary also! :D :D

  2. XD it's too much fun!! haha omg I can imagine 8DD