Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Adventure into Erotica~!

Evening my lovely followers

To let people know, if they are uncomfortable with nudity (again)
this will be a partially NSFW post!

Erotica has been going for many years and I've always wanted
to attend it - unfortunately I was either too young or I forgot to go...
So I suggested going finally with Alex and we decided to attend the Saturday
as it was the busiest day. 

A view of nearly the whole event from upstairs

We were there from 2:30pm until 9pm so we made a nice day out of it!
^ BUM :3 :3 

She was one of the actresses of "Television X". 
(My mouth was like so close to her tits omg)

The main stage downstairs which showed some sexy dancing 
in all types of paired people. 

Some of the fashion stalls at Erotica. I really like clubbing wear even though I don't 
usually buy it!

Some pretty Show-girl type ladies.

Lol faaaaannnseerrvviiceeee. Girls @ Television X again.

Right, now my purchases

I got the complete Mini set of ID Juicy-lubes as I couldn't decide what 
new flavour to get XD 
For recommendations - I love the Watermelon and Peach flavours!
And the Cherry one tastes like yoghurt.... :S 

I also got this cute little leotard thing with fishnet stars cut-out 
of it! I really want to wear it with a pair of shorts over the top
and then with stockings attached <3

Alex kindly took me for dinner at Zizzi's afterwards and we ordered some 
really nice dishes. 
Alex ordered the "Mezzo e Mezzo" pizza which was like TWICE THE SIZE
of him. But somehow he managed to clean the plate..... O_O;

I ordered the "linguini ai Gameri" pasta which was delicious! I love prawns.

We parted ways for the evening after that but when I got home...

My dress I ordered well over a MONTH ago arrived!! YAAY
I think it's really nice.
Anyway, I am so tired so I am off to bed now everyone. Hope you 
enjoyed this post and I will see you all soon! <3


  1. "(My mouth was like so close to her tits omg)"

    This was the best comment of the post 8'D

  2. Lmaoo I just love that pic with the boob in your face :')
    The men in that pic with the fanservice pic look proper creepy though D:

    Aww you're so beautiful Emilie, prettyyyy dress too! (*^^*) xx

  3. I would have a genuine fear of going to an event like that for it to only be full of creepy old men... XD
    It seems like you had a really good time though, and that leotard looks wonderful!! <3

    and...DAT PIZZA! :O

  4. @ Emi: Looool why thank you~ :{D
    Some of them were a little but they were all cool.
    FFLEIRLEIROE I think you are even more beautiful!!! I might have to whisk you away for tea & a spa day haha (^ 3^)~

    @P. Absinthe - You'd be surprised actually- There were more women there than men! Most of the men were either gay or in couples with the girls. Only a few guys by themselves there. Everyone I spoke to was really lovely <3!
    It was an awesome day, I cant wait to hopefully sell there next year~ LOL THE PIZZA. It's like a Skyscraper :OO

  5. Looks like an interesting event! I think I'd be weirded out by the male visitors, like the men in the background of the photo of the girls. O.o

  6. Hey :DD oh my, the picture where you're like "my face was so close to her tits" made me laugh. Love you blog, too and you have a lovely way of writing. I think I'll follow you =) just started my blog btw, maybe you could check it out?

  7. I love your posts! To awesome. And adorable leotard

  8. Even though the event it's called "Erotica" you managed to make ppl laugh with ur quote about that actress of her boobie which btw she also had a nice bum lol^_^