Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fairylash & Diamond Lash review

Thank you for watching!
Yay it's in widescreen finally~
Please tell me what you think. and lol I need video editing tips too ;__;


  1. Emilieeee woman why are you so pretty!? Wow those bottom lashes really are dramatic, they look good though! Also, gonna sound like a creep but I like your teeth! Haha xxx

  2. I really love how these look on you!! And your nails are so nice <3

  3. @Emi: LUUUULL CREEPER. <3 Thanks though, I spent 2 years having a metal mouth to get them this way 8D
    Glad you love the lashes and me! Because you are gooorrrrjjuuusssss <3 <3

    @Sami: whaaa?! #>w<# thank you! I will attempt to emit roses and sparkles next time! <3

  4. @Dimskeletons: oh thank you! I need to post some everyday outfits with them I think~ yay I love the nails too, They are growing out real fast though, might need to get a new set soon @_@ <3

  5. I had two braces but my front two teeth are just rebels and still cross over lmao! Awww~!! Need to meet soon beautiful! xxx