Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting prepared for Winter

I think everybody knows that Japan has slightly different temperatures 
in Winter than Europe and the rest of the Western World.
(Both in mid-December)

Even though this could be levelled out by their higher Summer temperatures, 
we are still freezing and trying to look good.

This Winter sees quite a few Gal brands styling after Western fashion,
which places the ball in our court, but for certain brands that
haven't conformed to one trend this season, taking select "Winter
Pieces" that you can be versatile with as well as 'jazz up' will
be very useful. 

To make yourself warmer without losing any style try wearing a thermal bandeau under your top or dress,
 so that it wont show up even under spaghetti straps. 
For your legs, thick tights generally aren't so sexy, so why not try
circulation-boosting tights that will keep you warm by making your blood pump faster!
These usually come in many Denier and in the usual
Black and beige colours. But they look like normal tights more than
anything so they are really handy. If you are still cold, over-
knee socks are always in. This A/W11 try rustic and bold colours to
suit the season's theme. 

Fine knit scarves that won't look too bulky are fantastic; try different
knot with your outfits and get a few patterns or block colours
 to suit your wardrobe?

If you are unable to buy a "brand" coat this Winter check out
well known Gal-friendly stores that are available in the west such as:
  River IslandLipsy, Forever21, Urban Outfitters and H&M
Don't forget to check Ebay and Etsy for additional fur collars etc you
can use to make your style unique!

!~Hope this helps~!


  1. Oooh thanks so much for this! I was getting worried that I wouldn't look as gal in winter... But now I don't have to worry! ^^

  2. aww thank you Lizzie! <3
    I try to help as much as I can - I just though that it would be a good topic, as I am puzzled by my now-summer-wardrobe D: I literally just have that coat and a jumper. hahahaaa....oh god.