Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Evening Gals! 


Alice and I went to town on Monday morning, when Katia had hit 
Brighton. Obviously, we had to face the Gale in Gal, head-on! 

Our hair wasn't all that bad after the horrible wind & rain!

I gawt some Cawfeee 
and pancakes, but we like...hoovered them up. :(

Anyhow! If you have read this far- you will know that YES,
next weekend (24th) I will be putting up some tutorials for you Gals,
as promised on my Formspring etc. Mr. Alex is letting me borrow his
DSLR very kindly (And Editing skillz).

Thank you also today to Chaudie who plugged this blog! 
Love youuuu <3 <3


  1. Oh your hair looks so pretty up like that! I might have to try that tomorrow for work :3

    And Alice's hair colour is lovely <3

    Looking forward to seeing some tutorials! ^^

    I also have a little proposal for you two for the near future, I'll pm you on facebook though! :) x

  2. aw thanks! Just in a top-knot tho, haha! I will do a few more updos in the future. <3

    I know right?! She said she doesn't like it. makes me so sad ;__;

    oo proposal? I can't wait~! xx

  3. I think it looks quite sophisticated in a way, but still fun :)

    Oh that's a shame >_< I guess it is a big change from blonde though, it always feels weird to go for a such a big change!

    Yes, I shall message you now actually, while I remember X3 x

  4. Wahhh I'm in love with your eyes!! ....And your face ;D Mmm you've made me want a mcdonalds now~!

  5. ;D yay! lol QUICK - GO NOW. or I will post a Big Mac through your letterbox....

  6. Woaah I love your makeup! you look so pretty! n__n and that top/dress?? is too cute *0* <3

  7. lovely updo..wil wait 4 tutorials..

  8. @ Jeongie - thank you so much :O ! It's such a nice dress no?! Alice bought matching ones for us a while back <3 <3 Thank you for following too!

    @Sahar - don't worry I won't dissapoint you! <3

  9. Wow you look like a doll! Pretty eyes!!!

  10. Awh wow you look so pretty! I love your eyes <3