Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Alpaca obsession...


Right I am at a proper internet cafe now, and can show you a few photos!

Unfortunately a lot of what I have taken recently has been the kind of photo you think is good at the time, but in reality is a pile of crap when you look back on it a few hours later.

So here are some of the decent shots I have taken.

first up is of the beautiful night scenery in Odaiba.
I love this shot, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and their little replica of the Statue of Liberty haha.

My roommate and I went to Namja Town the other day, and there is a Shirokuma Cafe event on - LLAMA-SAN ICE CREAM SET. So obviously I took a picture.

Also went to a cafe and had Cat Cappuccinos... the one on the right looks like Poyo-chan!

Right, onto Alpacas. On my roommates birthday in Odaiba, I managed to win two huge Alpakasso! I am so proud of myself! The brown one is mine, called Maple, and the 'oshare' one is hers, named Tarquin. 
 They went on a little date... fufufuu~~

Also totally shouldn`t have taken a picture but it was too good to resist at one Taito game station:
Massive normal Alpakasso, Nyanpire in the middle and then massive baby Alpakasso on the right!!! I want to sit up there with them ;__;)/

I have won a few more as well while i`ve been here, so I will post those soon, but all in all I have 13 Alpacas..... (totally need more...) ah man. Maybe I should stop lol.

I will be back soon! Only a few more weeks for my giveaway too! Spread the word readers <3