Friday, 13 July 2012

It`s official now!

Yesterday I applied and received my Gaijin Card from the Shinagawa residents office!

So all is on the get-go for my bank account (which I will set up tomorrow morning) > which means I can get a working phone and internet!!!! oh my god, i honestly have missed blogging regularly and have lots of photos to share with you soon!! i will probably be still doing it from my phone for a while, as my laptop broke harrendously, so I have just found a service which I hope can say it`s fixable XDD 
We shall see. 

In other news, for all my readers who like musicals etc, 
I bought tickets today to see a very special version of "Elisabeth" at the Umeda theatre (Osaka),
I am in the 5th row!!!! 0____0 so obviously I am really pleased.

This version is special because it has the beautiful Hungarian actor Mate Kamaras as Der Tod (he has been Der Tod in Germany and Hungary) and also one of my favourite retired Takarazuka Top Stars, Sena Jun as Elisabeth!! (she played Elisabeth in 2005 in Takarazuka - my favourite production version of theirs.) 

Just have to buy travel to Osaka now haha!! at least it`s in advance eh?

I love you all and thank you everyone so far who has entered my giveaway!!



  1. YAY for internet : D Congrats! Hope you get it all up and running soon! I'm excited to see the pics you collected so far..

  2. Yay! Good luck with everything.

    Hope to see you blogging more! And with photos! :D

  3. Great (^__^) I hope you can get everything sorted soon!
    (>w<) Enjoy the musical too! <3

  4. Hungarian actor! wow, didn't know it :D (Im Hungarian, hahaha ^^) Good to see you enjoy yourself in Japan <3

  5. Waaa that sounds amazing! I hadn't heard of this version of Elisabeth. Please blog about it, I'd love to know more!

    Did you get your health insurance card too? It's a boring question but I want to make sure you're ok!