Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello my wonderful, patient readers!

As I do not have proper Internet access yet (blogger App FTW) - the system will be the same as ever:

Please leave your GFC/Blogger name, email and why you want the giveaway in the comments!!
One entry per person please and I will use a randomiser to pick the winner!!

This Giveaway includes:
• A reversable moko-moko bag from SBY!
• July's issue of Egg!
• Sexy pants from Aimerfeel!
• Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma colourcon case!
• Gold earrings from Diavlo!
• Heavy Rotation nude lipgloss!
• Hello Kitty x AAA plushie!
• Body Fantasies "Vanilla Fantasy" body spray! (very popular here ATM!)
• Tokyo Disney Resort Chou-chou!
• Kumikky Produce eyelashes! (the same kind I was wearing in my last post)
• LIZ LISA spaghetti top!!!!
• Charcoal face cleanser!

Good luck and the winner will be chosen on 4th August!


  1. GFC: rivriv
    Why I would like to win: I've never owned any Japanese gyaru brand products before so I'd love to try them out- they look alot better then the westren crap haha (>w<) Also I've always wanted an EGG magazine! Never had the money to get these things (>,<)
    The giveaway is really cute!
    Good luck to everyone! <3

  2. GFC: salla
    Why I would like to win: I have never owned anything from one of my favorite gyaru brands, Diavlo and I'm getting into gyaru again after a long break so this would be such an inspiration to improve my style and get to know gyaru even more! I love your blog and you're one of my biggest gaijin gyaru inspirations (lol this sounds so much ass kissing but it's true!!) so I hope I could win and became as good gyaru as you ♥

  3. GFC- Pandora Absinthe


    Why I'd like to win- I want to build up a closet of more casual gyaru items that I can incorporate into my daily co-ords, as well as use to put together gal co-ords :) I want to have a good selection before we head out to Tokyo! ^^ Plus, those Body Fantasies perfumes *hnnnnnnnnnnnnggg* I have the 'Va Va Voom' one, it smells like heaven! I keep seeing them in egg, and I want them all!! X3

  4. GFC: Jada Demikami
    Why would I like to win: I really like your blog, and I find it very inspiring and I think you are just amazing gal. (:

    Also all the stuff is very cute and I want to own everything there is! :D lololol. <3

    -Jada xx

  5. Keikeikirsten
    Why I'd like to win:- wah~ These things look cute *^* I'm always been familiar with hime gyaru & fairy kei stuff & I'd love to look more mature in gyaru fashion like Gaijin~♥ because everyone says I look like a child TT^TT
    The chance to look more closely into this style rather than the internet which isn't really much help >< by looking at the EGG Magazine as well as becoming familiar with gyaru products especially from Kumikky~ I find gyaru one of the most hardest style to perfect; & you being my inspiration after I saw you on Youtube have already got the look down to perfection♥. I think this could be a great opportunity. wow; i've never used words like opportunity before ;w; I feel so mature now ^0^ - back to topic:- I think this could be a great opportunity to look more closely into Gaijin fashion because I want to try a new style. I think I'm repeating myself ¬_¬ ^^:; I don't know what else to say... um good luck everyone! ^0^ ♥ Hope your having fun in Japan Emilie♥

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! ♥

    blogger/gcf: lovelymilky (Emily)

    honestly, I would like to win because I want to read that issue of EGG *_* and try the kumicky lashes! everything is so cute ^ ^

  7. hi dear.. im a new follower... hope you could follow back my blog...

    gfc: rhaindropz

    im curious with the EGG issue,,, i see Liz Lisa brand from Eki's page.. and i see that it high quality japanese product (hope im right here) oh dear.. everythings cute and kawaii!!!

    hugs and kisses,

  8. GFC: Nani (나니)
    email: geu.rae.seo[at]

    I really would like to win because... I live in Denmark :C And nothing is available here.. and all the items look really lovely : D

  9. GFC:Sana

    All the items are so lovely!!They're so Gyaru-ish >_<
    I saw that they're selling Heavy Rotation nude lipgloss here also but it's kidda pricey since it's imported.So,I'd love to win then I can try it on XD

  10. *Squee* all of the things look so awesome ≧∇≦!!
    GFC: Ruby

    I'd would love to win because not only are all the prizes super cute, but to win something from you would be amazingly cool!! I would totally treasure it and show off to everyone that I got it from you! (incase you cant tell I'm a biig fan *´▽`*)
    Thanks for doing the giveaway ^^

  11. Pear_Bear/Scary Perri

    I'm just starting into gyaru and a lot of these items will totally help me try and develop a look. And you giveaway happens to end on my birthday too, I just realized haha. But I see this as a good starter kit to help me with gyaru. :3

  12. Rolyypoly

    I wanna win this. I've had a shit time lately with having no where to live and now sleeping on my sisters sofa. I need something in my life to smile about. Otherwise I might have a breakdown

  13. TheLovelyIfy

    I absolutely adore giveaways as it gives others who don't have many gal brands/essentials a chance to own some of them and begin to improve their style ^ ^ As someone who is dedicated to becoming better at being gyaru, it would mean so much to win :)

  14. dokiri

    Well I have never ever won anything so if I'm lucky to win this cute and really nice giveaway I'd be really REALLY happy:3 hope luck is on my side >_<

  15. Kitsune

    Everything is so cute, and I would love to win this!

  16. cherrydoll

    This is legit one of the best stuff in a blogger giveaway I've ever seen, cool things that aren't easy to buy where I live. And come on, who could resist egg!?

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  18. Hi, please enter me.
    I follow you via GFC as Cristina
    My email is
    I want to win because I love the products you are giving away. Thanks for the opportunity. XoXo

  19. name: LGee

    Why: Because I have a tooth infection and my face has swollen up so I look like the elephant man lol, so it would cheer me up and make me feel cute again

  20. GFC: Mayu-chan
    Why? Because I am poor and can not buy those things myself, so I am trying giveaways, but never win XD Anyway I really want the EGG magazine also I never had something gyaru brand.

  21. Milkytentacles (ignore how terrible this address is, it's almost 10 years old)

    You've got a great selection of goods in there(hnngh, those kumikky lashes) so I would be silly not to! I never win anything so it would be an awesome change too, not to mention my birthday is in August, something I'm not looking forward to, so this would be such a pleasant surprise!

    On a side note: I was surprised to see such a great stuff that you'd gathered for this giveaway. It really shows how much you value your followers and your blog. :> Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway.

  22. GFC: vintageDISCORD
    Email: DistressAndComaGAZE @

    I just discovered your blog recently and I love it! I've been interested in gyaru but haven't really plucked up the courage to venture into the style myself, but I'm trying to ease into it slowly .. ish.. I love the items you have in your giveaway so I guess the reason I want to win is because the stuff is adorable. I love EGG magazine and I've always wanted something from Diavlo but I haven't got the chance to get anything. I really appreciate that you are hosting this giveaway and that you are even taking the time and money to do this :)


  23. Whoaa what a cute giveaway!!

    Blogger : Himegyarugeisha


    Why i want to win : I really hope i win because i never win anything ever and this would be the best thing if i did win!

  24. Name: Lizzie <3
    Why I want to win: BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME.
    Seriously though, it's because I'm in love with the items of your giveaway! :3

  25. Name: Wing
    Why I want to win: I'm really starting to get into Gyaru style more and would love to explore it and see if it suits me! I don't have a blogger but I read your posts and your makeup and outfits are always so amazing and inspirational *_* I'd love to try out those lashes pictured in the post, they look so cute <3

  26. GFC/blogger: Missy Chan/Peaceful Glitter

    I would really like to win this contest!! I never win anything honestly lol but less of a pitty story. I am a Gal in training. I want to learn new things explore other fashions and I just love Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty. Hope the random thang pick me! Thanks for the giveaway I love you blog and junk

  27. GFC: kaii

    I'd like to win because I'm kind of a beginner when it comes to gyaru and I love love Egg Magazine as well as Liz Lisa and Diavlo! I get inspiration from your outfits and makeup as well and I really want to thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway <3

  28. GFC: supergurl19

    I wanna win because I want those Kumikky Produce eyelashes and I need more face wash (I used it already) XD

  29. Name: Pam

    The reason why i would like to enter would be because i'm a starter gal and this would help me better my makeup and i love all the cute stuff your giving away especially the the tokyo disney hair tie and the sexy pants. And i've never entered or won a giveaway so i thought i would give it a try. ^^ anyways good luck to all the ladies.

    From, a starter western gal Pammy*

  30. I hope I'm not too late to enter!

    Name: Pixie_late (

    I'd like to win your giveaway because my mind seem to gravitate towards all the cute things in it! It's great that you're holding this giveaway!


  31. Name: Ashley Hasegawa

    I would like to win your giveaway because using these products would allow me to explore a fashion I'm too nervous to explore by purchasing things on my own ;)

  32. Name : Ashling Potter
    youtube: SuperDerpface

    I'd LOVE to win this giveaway because I adore fashion and This giveaway is AWESOME and super girly and I love you and your blog xXxXxXxXxXxX

  33. GFC: ArizonaVu
    Contact Me(Email):

    I'd really love to win this giveaway because so much of these things I can never find here where I live. And being a teenager who's finally begun to discover what she likes and adores, I found that I really like the Gyaru-scene and Japan; having these products would make the difference for me. But being obviously unemployed, I can't exactly afford everything. And having this giveaway opportunity gives me and I think several other people a chance at trying Japanese products that we can't obtain. And as for me, I rarely ever win anything... and having the chance to be able to have Egg magazine would mean the world to me, because it'd be the core inspiration for me. Thank you for this amazing chance, and I absolutely love your blog even though I just discovered it recently. I'm already loving it, and followed this blog. <3 LOVEEE LOVE LOVE!

  34. Haha, I guess my luck won't strike twice, and make me win your second giveaway as well... but still, here I go! XD

    GFC: Chirality
    Email: Chiralicious [at]

    I couldn't buy any fancy Gal stuff for almost 1 year now, since I had to save every Penny for my driving license and important furniture items. =/ (Beeing independent can sometimes suck so much. xD") I'm now literally CRAVING for Gal stuff! My love for the style has grown bigger then ever before - it's like that saying: You never really know what you've got until it's gone. xD"

    Greetings from Germany to Japan! =D

  35. mail :

    I would like to win your giveaway because I was willing to try fake lashes since ages !

  36. blogger: naruhime,

    I would like to win because there is so much awesome in that picture!