Friday, 21 October 2011

Styles I love

Evening readers~<3

It has to be said; I think that one of my top
fashion goals is to look like Barbie. 
Mainly for her face, always looking immaculate, 
and having a "killer" body. 

But also because she can be anything,
can strive to look her best in anything no matter
what time of year. I would love to accomplish that.

So, styles that really call out to me are:

Glam Barbie/Preppy style
Clueless and Legally Blonde are two of my most favourite films. 
I really hoped that it would inspire more fashion to be 
replicating Barbie-esque clothes. Alas, I haven't seen this 
everywhere, and have to really search for bits outside of Japan.


No matter whether it's on Girls or Guys, I love this style, and
the people who can pull it off correctly.
Now with Ora-ora style making it's uproar in the Gyaru community,
It may be that Rokku-kei is waning. I just freaking love the hair
and accessories though!!! RAWR. (and makeup...)

Ero-kawa/Pheremone-Kei/The AV girl look(s)

Lots of examples there to show you the styles. Obviously, from above
you can see I favour being very tanned. I think this is a complex
because I am naturally so pale LOL.
For Ero-kawa, I see a lot of D.I.A, Lip Service, MA*RS, GOLDS∞ and more
recently - tutuHA.
Ero-kawa in general is how it sounds - "Erotic" & "Cute".
MA*RS would be an "Ero-kawa" brand. Golds Infinity are more
Psyche, Pheremone-kei in general, but definitely the Ero-kawa element
is there in most of their items. D.I.A and tutuHa are one in their
own, but they stand out with their very sexy items.

Anyway - now onto my lovely readers!
What are your favourite sub-styles of Gal? Write them in the comments


  1. I love that gyaru fashion is so feminine. Even the more "tough" styles look feminine to me because the gyaru still style their hair and wear makeup.

    I love the clothes in Clueless and Legally Blonde! However, I definitely don't consider them preppy!!! Pretty is khaki pants and polo shirts... like Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie. I ABHOR preppy styles!! D:

    My favorite gyaru styles are rokku and...Mars!

  2. I love Clueless and Legally Blonde!! and I love Hime-Gyaru style.. That Like My FAV!!