Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"Japan Haul" post!

Hello everyone!! 
I didn't think this many people would be following me!
So I need to get off my little butt and post for you all. :3

So a lot of people have facebooked me, asking what I've brought home
this time round. 

So in little group photos, this is it!

MA*RS Haul
(I also got this white coat, but I left it at Alex's house! :( )
sccarrryyyy purikura eye-enlarging! I look like an Owl....

Other Clothing + accessories Haul

Makeup Haul

Zakka Haul
(Yes, only one little Alpaca ;__; but they were so hard to get!)
I also won a Towel from a UFO machine, but I forgot to picture it!

Clear file Haul
For those who don't know, I collect Clear Files! So if anyone fancies getting me gifts
in the future (lol) I am always looking to add to my collection~! 
(That or some Alpacas. *__* )

If you want to see bigger/separate pictures of everything, clothes etc
are being uploaded steadily on my Pupe account! 
Feel free to add me on there also, It's cool seeing what other people have!

Also, Today's Outfit with new clothing not pictured!
(booo without makeup)
Dress from Tralala and Anklets from Tutuanna!


  1. YOu got some amazing stuff there lovely!! AND I SPY A MARS BRA ;D!! I want to know how effective it is (I would love one for myself but normal bras give me pretty epic boost regardless ><)

  2. Yay for Happy Bath Day and Alpacas XD

  3. Everything you got is so gorgeous!!