Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Eating Out....


I have collected a fair few pictures of yummy treats that i've tried so far in Tokyo, and I want to share them with you~

I'm totally going to turn into a Food blogger at this rate. lol.

One word: GODIVA. I freaking love these Chocolixirs, on the left is white chocolate & coconut, and on the right dark chocolate~

Also, Pokemon soup. Gotta eat them all....

Go*Go*Curry house is awesome. Everything is named after like Flight packages this was "premier class" curry lol.

Awesome view down the side of Shibuya 109, sitting in a cafe

Eating delicious Matcha & Adzuki parfait!

My friend had Strawberry parfait

I know you're not supposed to, but with my sneaky no-sound iphone camera, I took photos of our food in MaiDreamin...
Cat Omurice!
 Cat Parfait
 Mille-crepe! ... with a Snowman?....

Well that's the first installment, i will be back with more soon for y'all....

ciao xoxo


  1. (*¬*) Sweet glorious food... Haha (^__^) It allo looks really amazing
    I love the last few photos (*w*) adorable

  2. Eating out! The food looks so delicious! : D : D

  3. Dude, i need to go to tokyo just because i need to eat something that look like a cat u.u hahah Seriously, so cute!

  4. Awww the cat parfait looks soooo yummy >____<"

  5. The cat parfait is too cute! XD I normally despise food photos but these are worth photographing! :P

  6. Ahh everything looks so delicious *_____* the CAT FOOD OMFG <3

  7. Japanese food has a tendency to be so freakin cute even there food wrappers are cute too, this makes me hungry @_@.