Thursday, 7 June 2012

15 days to go...

Just a quick update before the weekend! 

I didn't really think until today how soon I will be leaving the UK (O ^ O) so I am feeling a little stunned and am kicking my little booty into gear! 

I have decided for a few things to be up & coming on this blog - as I want to keep everyone's eyes peeled (lol well yeah that's the point of a blog Emilie...) and to keep myself busy and remember good times etc. 
I want to do a normal, every day gyaru makeup tutorial, which I will probably film in Japan as my products now are pretty scabby tbh, so It will be exciting with new makeup!! :)

As I mentioned previously, I will be getting my items for my 1st anniversary giveaway in Tokyo too, I want to treat you guys this time as I am astonished that in only 1 year, I have peaked the interests of nearly 300 of you! I appreciate every single person that reads my funny shenanigans so I hope it will appeal to a lot of other gaijin gyaru! 

I will also try to regularly film little video diaries for Youtube which I will pop on here, for fun and to really capture the feeling of a place. I might even do requests and go to the places you want! Buuut I will need to check travel money for that haha. (just in case I don't get a job right away!) 

I'd love to meet up with my wonderful readers - so If you are out in Tokyo this year, let me know! 

Right, Alex is over tomorrow so I am off to tidy up and finish off things. :)

Ciao! xx


  1. so exited to see all your plans in future *_*

  2. Ahh wow! Thats so soon! I'm excited for you (^__^) haha
    (*o*) really excited to see tutorials from you! <3 You always look amazing so I would love to steal some hints ;) hahah <3
    Can't wait to see all your new posts! (^__^)

  3. I'm so envious and excited for you, I can't wait to see that tutorial ♥

  4. I am soo happy for you that you are going out there, living your dream! It will be soo exciting to read your blog posts from Japan!!