Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Gyaru Anket~! (Questionnaire/Survery!)

Why hello everyone! 

I have a little treat for everyone that likes surveys, which I have been creating at work etc 
so my readers can take part. 

I am looking for Girls and Guys that dress Gyaru to answer as all of the questions relate to a "Gyaru Lifestyle" in general (The sections are Beauty, Fashion, Style, Looks and Health).

This will be up for ONE WEEK

Please take part as it would mean a lot to me! <3 (and I am doing a neat chart afterwards to summarise it)
It would also be very interesting to see on average what Gaijin Gyaru are drawn towards more.

Here is the normal link:

And the Widget if you'd like to do it here. I will be leaving this on my sidebar too.
**EDIT: As lots of people have taken the survey already I cannot edit the text inside but for the
question "which magazines do you read?" The 'Niche' mags also include Soul Sister, Soul Japan & I <3 Mama.**

Enjoy! On sunday will be the Izumi Mana makeup tutorial~! xoxo