Saturday, 14 January 2012

Izumi Mana Makeup Tutorial

Evening~! <3

I trust everyone is enjoying their weekend?
*puffs pipe*
(Yes, I have been watching Sherlock Holmes today =_=;)

I have just uploaded this on Youtube for you guys

Please tell me how it is and I would appreciate con-crit for the video itself as well as the make-up!

On tuesday/wednesday I will put up the finalised results of the Anket that I made this week, and annotate it which I hope others will find interesting also!

See you soon!


  1. That's so amazing!!

    But maybe you should add the hair tutorial,would be better.

  2. Your makeup is flawless! I really love your brows <3

  3. I love it :) It looks easy to do :3

  4. @Sana - What hair tutorial?? :S
    @Christian & Misa: Thanks you two! I hope it will be easy for people to try and experiment with it. :D xoxo

  5. You look so great and it was a really useful tutorial.

  6. Really good tutorial :) it's much easier to follow with a voiceover, rather than trying to talk at the same time as applying the makeup!
    I'd definitely like to see more tutorials like this from you :)

    One thing though- I know you put on falsies, but why don't you coat the top of your lashes? I tend to sweep down on top of the top lashes, then underneath to curl them round, so it covers any fallout that may have come from the eyeshadows :)