Thursday, 5 April 2012

2NE1's CL inspired outfit and recent adventures!

Hey readers~

I am so so sorry I haven't made a post in over a week O_O;
A lot of things have been going on, but now I am back with a few photos etc on what has been going on~ in the world of Emilie. (heehee!)

Last thursday I went up to Camden to visit my friend Ellie~! While I arrived early, I tried on this cool dress in H&M! Only £12 but the writing says "love is hard" and it kinda put me off it lol. 

We didn't take pictures throughout the day unfortunately, but I did manage to pick up my eyelashes I need for my Amber cosplay!
Only £4.50!!! YAY!! Now all I need are the contacts and I am complete!

Then on Saturday night after work, Joe invited me for a coffee with Sam and Chani!
Following the hype of my friend Aliki, I ran into H&M kids and picked up some "much needed" plasters and reflectors for when I am ....out at night all alone.

We all headed to 'Naked', a wonderful speciality tea & coffee house that opens late every day!
My coffee infront, I had a chilli mocha, it was delicious and very spicy! haha

 Sam and I were hungry, so after talking about our lust for 'Seoul Bakery', we headed to 'Binari Korean'! It's Brighton's only Korean restaurant, and is very decently priced, with a good menu.
I suggested to Sam that we shared some Rabokki - or Korean-style hotpot!

 There it is bubbling away! Ours was Pesketarian-friendly, with noodles, boiled eggs, fishcakes, veggies and ricecakes, and you can see the delicous red pepper powder + flakes on there too!
We were so pleased haha. It was super-filling and was only £7 each which was really reasonable for the size and taste!

Okay then the following day Alice came round to my house and we had a little party with healthy snacks! 
I found these awesome Llama-shaped crackers which we really enjoyed XD
Onto the outfit! I was a bit cold, so I tied up my skull jumper at the side, and wore it with these shorts that I forgot I owned =_=; 

 I tried a completely different style of makeup with dark glitter and lots of winged eyeliner
I also used my Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Fatale (71) over the top of my Gosh Darling (134) lipstick.

Maybe it didn't work out to be very much CL at all LOL but I worked with what I have~<3 and even
though I deffo prefer Gyaru makeup, I tried to incorporate her themes! ^_^

Who do you have fun taking inspiration from?? xoxo


  1. The dress is lovely! But I know that feeling when text puts you off
    I always read everything on something before I buy it, especially after an old school friend bought a top from Japan
    and then one day realised loads of the small text on it was about the holocaust!! D: D:

    Oh man that hotpot looks good
    and I have seen a few people post about these llama crisps but I never see them for sale

    1. LOL OMG I feel really bad for her. D: D:

      OMG Sami you have to come down or we can go up to London and just eat lots of hotpot! <3 <3
      For the Llama crisps - you can get them in Tesco! They are £1 per bag at the moment~

  2. Love the outfits! :D So cute~
    You always have such great makeup!
    Wow those lashes look so intense >w< haha

  3. I have the "love is hard"- skirt, top AND dress... haha... But I try to think of the text as something... I dont know, deep and meaningful. I really hope I'm right, and that others thinks of it in the same way as me!